The benefit is 46.3 million yen into the net casino and the coverage is “I’m not bad” … a big boo to a man who refuses to refund.

The benefit is 46.3 million yen into the net casino and the coverage is “I’m not bad” … a big boo to a man who refuses to refund.

The benefit is 46.3 million yen into the net casino and the coverage is “I’m not bad” … a big boo to a man who refuses to refund.

“In general, I feel that I can’t forgive if it’s true.”

On May 17, Mayor Norihiko Hanada of Abu -cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture was angry at the FNN Prime Online interview.

The problem has been caused by a problem in which a staff member of the town hall accidentally transferred 46.3 million yen to a 24 -year -old man by incorrectly transferred 46.3 million yen to the resident tax -exempted households due to the new colona countermeasures.

The man refused to return the money and was reported to be missing. On the 12th, the town announced that he had filed a man in search of a “return of unfair gain”. In the outline of the complaint published by the town, the man’s real name and address were specified, and the ripples were ripples.

Following the complaint from the town, a male lawyer held a conference on the 16th. According to reports, the lawyer explained that it is difficult to return because the man does not have a benefit. In addition, the lawyer commented that “I heard that something with property is not left at hand,” when the press asked, “Can I return it?” 。

“It is said that men have been responding twice in the police hearing. It was unknown, but such misunderstandings have not been returned by the police according to this lawyer. It is said that it happened. Men seem to continue to respond to police hearing in the future. “(National paper reporter)

The man responded to the police’s hearing, but the money was not left. Under such circumstances, new information. According to JNN’s report, men explain to stakeholders that they used everything for the Internet casinos.

At the beginning, the anger of Mayor Hanada is the possibility that the incorrect benefits were used in the “net casino”. Mayor Hanada has once again argued that he would like to do his best to collect public money.

Certainly, the wrong transfer is a mistake on the town hall side, but it is a fact that a man knew it and escaped a large amount of money he did not plan to receive. In addition, the man was reopening to “I am not bad.”

“Immediately after the miscontrment was discovered, the deputy mayor went to ask for a return to the male workplace with a male mother, but the man said,” Why I’m not bad, I’m pushing it. ” One week later, the man said, “I can’t return.

In addition, the man spent two weeks moving 46.3 million yen from almost full account. This money is, of course, a tax. If you use it for the “Net Casino” entertainment expenses without returning it, you will get more rebellious from many people ”(national newspaper reporter)

A man who reopened, “I’m not bad,” and emerged to “allegedly online casinos.” On the net is full of accusations.

“Where are I bad ~~~”? “If more than 40 million money is transferred, I don’t think I’ll use it honestly! 》 《If I’m a townspeople, I can’t forgive Nekobaba, whether it’s an acquaintance or a good impression. I still spent 100,000 yen because the devil was inserted ~ Anyway, I did not dissolve 46.3 million at the 바카라 net casino. “<< 46.3 million cat, rub it with an internet casino, and become a sentence without a sentence. ? ? 》
• Men’s explanation with a misconception “I used it in the net casino” for 40 million yen, Yamaguchi

By the way, on the second day of Korea, I did not have time to write a blog locally, so I wrote it after returning to Japan.

14:06 Departing from Higashi -Daegu Station, we will arrive at Seoul Station at 16:29. If you think that it will take two and a half hours on the Shinkansen, you will run at a speed of about 80 km / h, as much as a Japanese limited express. I check in at the hotel and go to dinner. We baked Samgyeopsal and Moxar and had a closing rice. There are platforms that have 온라인바카라 공식추천 fallen to 8ths compared to Daegu, so it looks good in the situation. For the time being, I will sit in the house that has just changed the card.

4 hours later

out! ️

Then 2 hours later

The second day ended with a good thing.

Today is about this …

I went to bed at 2:00 am.

I will go into the bed in hopes of tomorrow’s Paradise City.


I was so frustrated that I couldn’t sleep at all

I think I slept around 4 o’clock.