Belarus -Minsk to the border

Except for South Africa and Brazil, no country seems to be on a plane for more than 25 hours. Mink, who departed from a business trip, departed at 8 o’clock at home and was only at 9 o’clock the next day. Russia is less than 10 hours, but it’s not easy to come underneath.

Putin disappeared from Russia as Prime Minister. And there are many casinos in Minsk’s Belarus. Russians come to play on weekends, but I don’t have much information for me.

Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus are different countries, but move and economic cooperation are as strong as the EU. Belarus is freely traveled with Russia without entry, but foreigners are not allowed. This will remain illegal on one side (because you don’t depart), and on the other side, it becomes smuggling (because there is no entry screening). When foreigners come to Belarus, they come to a country except Russia. I am going to get a visa and come through Vienna and go to Moscow by plane. When I came in, there was an immigration screening, and when I went out, there was no immigration table. When it comes to a problem, it’s hard to come and go. It’s hard to think that it will come back to Belarus.

Verarus is kind to Russia. There are still many military uniforms and uniforms like Russia, but they are less inconvenient than Russia. I come to Uber to the city, but I don’t give a receipt to the cash.

The building is similar to Russia, but the fragrance that comes to the body is much more free. I also have a casino. This is because I visited this place because of the equipment installed in the casino, not gambling.

Thank you for the relaxation of people here while checking the equipment. Usually, requirements continue to occur after providing products and solutions. I finished my work by checking the structure and equipment installed with stories and equipment.

The restaurant that I stopped after my work is fine. Quattro, who seems to be vocal, plays guitar, accordion, 슬롯머신 clarinet, and guitar. 30 Belarus Ruble ($ 15) will sing the application song. Drink a few glasses of two cups of distilled vodka and have a customer and a side table and an application song battle. We were together and together. If Korea did in the past, this is still the case. I went to the second together to eat more. It’s amazing, but there are many people who like to live with people. My heart and leisure are a problem.

Iton went to the Russian border to 600km round trip. Just 700 km before, you can run from Minsk to Russia. It is like a vast meadow when the street is out of the Minsk. Free Europe and slightly dull Russian air are mixed. It was quiet because there was no car.

The casino arrived is about 1km from the border. Unlike the quiet highway, it is enormous to see the trailer procession that fills the road to pass through the border. Many of these vehicles supply to Russia and make money. Russians, who earn money, spend their weekends to Belarus. It is a smart structure and a mysterious structure.

I checked my work and played the game for a while. Thank you for driving 300km to take us. I have no words for me, drinking tea and sleeping all the time.

It is said that work is in the field. It is not enough to hear the customer’s voice from the office. The power to overcome the various requirements and lack of words is the observation and confirmation. This expands the knowledge. Thank you for seeing a customer who uses the equipment I supply. Even in the unknown world, unknown people want to wait and talk about me. It is also expected that customers’ partners are doing projects in Vladivostok.

Looking back in detail, the world is very wide. If you just pass by the plane quickly, there is no place as a single place. Sometimes it is important to walk, talk, hear, and see.

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“Manager Blog 98”

good morning!

I’m Sakamoto, the manager.

I will update my blog.

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Thank you very much.

The rainy season should have ended

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Sunday, July 17th

Opened 10:00 in the morning

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Exploration of Macau Alley, Macau Alley

Macau, a city of casino, a luxury hotel and a resort, a city of rebellion connecting Las Vegas.

Behind Macau, a modern image that runs as much as the tourism sector, there is a ‘UNESCO -designated World Heritage City’, a ‘McCanese’ culture under Portuguese governance, and a modern and contemporary appearance of China.

Gambling -related income accounts for more than 90% of Macau GDP, but it’s a corpse except casino, but it’s a great place to travel except for casinos. In particular, this city is not enough for travelers who want to enjoy the foreign atmosphere and the feeling of travel.

1. ‘History District’, which is a waste of one day, that alley

Unlike the Taipa Island, which does not go out for 24 hours, and Taipa Island, which is represented by a dazzling night view and a brilliant skyline, Macau Peninsula, the main island, has a quiet atmosphere with the ruins of the Portuguese rule. Most tourists play in casinos or Hong Kong and go to the Macau Peninsula as a day -to -day tour.

Macau Ruins of St., the representative image of Macau Cultural Heritage Site Paul’s Church or Macau’s first cathedral, the Castle Dominique Cathedral Macau St. Dominic ’s church is surprisingly disappointed after seeing. This is because the image I saw in the picture is all.

The real exhaust of Macau’s historical district is ‘alleys’.

Near the Senadu Square, there is a European stone road formed during the Portuguese rule, giving it a feeling of walking in a small European town. Poseok -gil, which runs from the gorgeous and tidy Senadu Square to Monte Fort on the hill, is suitable for walking and walking.

Like Dorothy walking on the gravel road in the wizard of Jaja -ja, angle, and Oz, he feels like he’s a pounding adventure. And at the end of the road, there is a Virgin Mary, not in the witch, but in the Monte Fortress.

Walking along the Poseok -gil and watching the ruins around the square around the square, the day is short. Walking between the residential areas where the hills are placed, there are small restaurants and cafes.

When it gets close to the Montte Fortress, the slope is steep and the legs are somewhat sick.

Another alleys in contrast to Poseok -gil are modern Chinese buildings. If you look at old buildings that don’t know when it was built, the colorful casino landscape feels like a virtual reality.

Compared to the narrow land, the rents are very expensive even if they are such a shabby house. It is not easy to raise new buildings because it relies only on tourism income and has little industrial products that can be produced. Because of the humid climate, the laundry hangs out of the window is added to the 1980’s.

Those who live will be uncomfortable, and those buildings are unusual for travelers.

My hometown, my home, is beautiful in the eyes of travelers? If you are comfortable, what kind of appreciation will the Gentiles will give the Gentiles for the second apartment forest?

2. ‘Macau Alley Food’

China’s gorgeous food and the history of Portuguese have met to create ‘McCanes Macanes Food’, which is no matter where you are in the world. But even if you don’t go to expensive, high -end, and famous McCarnes restaurants, Macau’s own food is different from that of mainland China.

The McCanese restaurant is less likely to fail if you select a review of the blog or travel app. It is too stimulating like Western style or as irritating as Chinese style, so it is perfect for our tastes. Of course, it is essential to select delicate menu …

However, most of them are high -end restaurants, and only once or twice for travelers.

But when you enter the alley, there are many other Macau restaurants.

I wander around the alley near the hotel, and I step on the smell of bread.

I made noodles, but the ham was cheap in the bone soup-I made a sandwich, but it was full of spicy sauce. 코인카지노 If the whole neighborhood people stop by and solve breakfast. The clerks don’t know English, but they are overflowing with their fingers, and they are ordered by travelers.

It’s a shop selling fusion noodles and how delicious the bread is. On the last day of the trip, I stopped by the baked window and shaken the remaining change of money and bite bread in each kind of bread.

Is that only,

On the road that extends like eggplant in a large alley, Dede Gunde Stall is located one by one. In the morning, noodles and rice are sold, and in the evening, grilled skewers and alcohols are sold in all alleys.

If it’s unfortunate, all this city is just closing the door early. When I was on the road to see the night view, I smelled a delicious skewer at the end of the alley. I cleaned up the burial table and covered the tent.

The night before, the heart of the morning is soothed with the morning stalls and chicken rice bowls. I choose a good toppings (?) And I want to choose what I want to choose. I choose rice. Wantang noodles, where all the neighborhoods eat one bowl, are ordered by finger as in a cafe yesterday. As the foreign guests visited, the grandmother’s boss and the clerk’s son who didn’t know English at all helps us to order by mixing gestures with a widespread smile on the face.

It is also mysterious that alleys can be ordered without saying something wrong.

This soup is more delicious than you eat in a luxury restaurant, and this is addictive enough to mix it with rice! The answer is that the best restaurants are in their hearts.

In Macau, you must snoop at the alley. Like destiny, it might encounter the best restaurant in my heart!

3. Alleys, night views that are not enough to capture

It is incomparable with the resorts of the gorgeous Taifa Islands-not comparable but incomparable, unnatural, dark night Macau alleys, night views.

If you walk along the midnight paving road a little carefully, some alleys are like Europe, and some alleys are like China, and some alleys are like Seoul in the 1980s, and some alleys will come out. Are you waiting?

From this end to the end, the neighborhood is just right. Compared to the tie district, which is as big as the whole neighborhood, compared to the splendor of hundreds of millions of dollars embellished in the lobby, it may not seem to be much, but-Europe and China, the past and the present are not mixed and appropriate. There will be only regrets for travelers who missed this landscape.

Macau ruins are not so big that it is not difficult to return to the accommodation even if you walk around for a long time.

When you come back with a bag of Qingdao at a price of less than half of the convenience store at the shabby mainstream store in the alley.

Is there a full day like this?

Feat. Beer is a beer of beer alley.


I tried to take a taxi with Colloan Village, but I can’t get a taxi. So I kept walking towards the big road. As a result, the Grand Lis Boa Hotel was seen around. If you choose two landmarks of Macau, one is the Grand Lis Bo, which seems to be a gold -covered sky -covered sky, one is the Macau Tower we’ve been looking for. One of them, Grand Lis Boa Hotel.

Sena was relatively close in the square, and as I walked, various hotels were noticeable. Lisboa is the first to come out. I was going across from the side, but there were tremendous crowds. I asked you to go in. In front, people were literally crazy. If you come to Macau, it’s a space to go through. I took some pictures in front and went into the building. As soon as we entered the hotel we were staying, the casino was just coming out, and the casino’s sight in front of the movie unfolded. There were tremendous crowds and dealers. There was no dealer in the hotel we stayed, and there were only slot machines and roulette. I went to the first and second floors, but even though there were so many people, there were many dealers who were open to open. When I passed by, I opened my hand and recommended to sit down.

There was one truth guest. Carded cards. You can just look at the numbers, but I checked the cards. The impression looked slim, but the dealer was not good. I thought it was my own nerve war. If you have skills, I thought that I shouldn’t do that.

There was a rickshaw in Lisboa and passing by from the casino. There was something like a wagon dragged by a bicycle, but it was 30 minutes to ask for 200 Hong Daughter. I decided not to ride because it was expensive, but I refused and went to another person next to it. I just went to sticking to it. Looking at the map showing, I found out what the course was. I decided not to ride the rickshaw, but to go to the rickshacos.

First of all, I went to the riverside promenade along the winn hotel and the MGM hotel. There were also many meadows, and there were many citizens who enjoyed Sunday afternoon. We just walked along. The peaceful landscape unfolded and the Macau Tower was far away. Macau Tower, which blends with the riverside landscape, looked beautiful.

I saw a job woman walking around and throwing a cheating on many men. It was in the afternoon, but I thought it was open early. I joked that I was trying to pull it down. I went back because there was no way. Originally, the plan was to go to the end and turn to the right and go to Macau Tower. I came back to the Wynn Hotel and walked to the left promenade.

There was no longer road there, so I went back to the big road. The plan to go to Colloan Village has long been forgotten, and Macau Tower has been our only purpose. Macau Tower was far and far away. As I passed through the Lisboa Hotel to the right, I could see a lot of people. I think it was there, so the riverside park was unfolded again. And I walked the road again. There was a duck boat seen in Gyeongju Bomun Complex, and there was a promenade that seemed to lead to Macau Tower.

As I went there, I saw several hotels on the left. MGM WYNN Grandris Boa was seen at a glance, and we took out the camera and left memories. After about 5 o’clock, the sun was coming. The sun disappeared little by little was approaching. Walking along the river, Macau Tower was getting closer. Most of them seemed to be Macau people. Honestly, I could not distinguish it at all, whether Chinese, Hong Kong or Macau is a macau. I wanted to see that Westerners were similar to seeing Asians.

Macau Tower is getting closer. On the right, I saw a residential area and a sunset. We took out the camera and smartphone and took pictures. The sunset was made as a profile picture at night, and even after a small time, the sunset showed different colors. At first, it changed to red after yellow, and after that, it changed to purple light. The Macau Tower, which was taken with the sunset, was also pretty.

I think it’s almost all, but I didn’t see the way to Macau Tower. Wherever I went up, it was just an isolated park, and Macao Tower had to cross two roads, but it wasn’t the way for people to go. I come back and go to the bathroom, wash my hands and go to the right to see the road to Macau Tower. I really suffered a lot to go to Macau Tower. I went around almost two to three hours, and I finally saw the entrance.

I took a picture in front of the building. The Macau Tower and the observatory next to it were dignified. And at Macau Tower, it seemed to be bungee jumping. It was not a bouncy bungee jump, but two auxiliary strings next to it, so it was a bungee jump that could be very safe. From a distance, one point went down and went up, but when I went closely, I was a person. For me, I haven’t done a bungee jump before, but I didn’t want to do this style of bungee jump. I just want to do a bungee jumping with the energy of gravity. I should try it when I have a chance, whether it is Korea or a foreign country.

Finally, I went to Macau Tower. It was very cool and the inside was cool. I wanted to go to the observation deck once, so I went to that entrance. There were many photos of the history of Macau Tower and those who came to Macau Tower and sold souvenirs. When I went to the ticket office, I looked at the price, and the bungee jump and Skywalk were about 1800 Hong Daughter. It was just a price, and I saw it just going up, but it was in the second half of my 100 Hong Daughter. Anyway, we agreed to see this scene from above and decided not to go up.

I went to the bakery and bought egg tarts and beer. Hong Kong is really cheap beer. 현금바둑이게임 350ml small beer cans were about 5 Hong Daughter. I ate it. While eating tarts and beer, a friend produced gas and the power was enormous. The rotten eggs vibrated everywhere, and the Chinese around the surroundings suddenly became quiet and left. I just told you to pack shit, and he went to the bathroom. It was a gas of power that made people stand up as soon as it was in charge. It was a moment when I realized how a human body could produce a threatening chemical.

I thought about where to go after eating. Too much walked and the legs and feet were broken together. So I asked for a massage. I decided to go to a Taipa -side massage shop called Su Sek Massage. If you hit the Google Map, you will see this massage shop. If you speak Arirang, a Korean restaurant, you can go right away. The taxi driver shows a nomination in Chinese and says Arirang Town. Taxi drivers don’t speak English at all. Always show maps in Chinese.

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How many are “Kyou’s French migration”? Overseas migration entertainer ranking with impact

Ruriko Kojima announced her plans to study abroad at a university in China next year, and Kyou announced that she had moved to France with her three children and her dog.

So far, various entertainers have decided to move abroad. So women’s SPA! A questionnaire was conducted on women aged 30-49, “Surprised, impactful celebrities migrated overseas” ( *). Let’s check the ranking.

◆ Kaori Momoi, Torayasu Hotei, and former husband of Eriko Imai.


16th place UA (Canada) 2%

13th place Masahiro Motoki / Yayako Uchida (UK) 3%

13th place SHOGO (Philippines) 3%

13th place Kaori Momoi (USA) 3%

11th place Hiroyuki Sanada (USA) 4%

11th place Torayasu Hotei / Miki Imai (UK) 4%


Hiroyuki Sanada, who is active in Hollywood, and Torayasu Hotei and Miki Imai, who chose London as a base for music activities, are familiar. Kaori Momoi, who lives in Los Angeles, also shows her luxurious friendship through her own SNS.

Surprisingly, the vocal SHOGO of the rock band “175R” that skipped smash hits such as “Singing in the sky” in the early 2000s. It may be faster to say the former husband of Eriko Imai.

Such SHOGO moved abroad to Cebu Island in the Philippines with a new family. However, he has now moved to Fukuoka due to the influence of the new Corona.

He lived in Cebu because he had doubts about his life in Tokyo and wanted to give children a environmental environment.

Let’s take a look at 10th to 4th place.

◆ Miki Nakatani, GACKT, and Laura are ranked


10th place Miki Nakatani (Austria) 5%

9th place Erina Mano (Spain) 5.5%

8th place Tsunku (USA) 6.5%

7th place YOSHIKI (USA) 7%

6th place GACKT (Malaysia) 8%

5th place Hikaru Utada (UK) 14.5%

4th place Laura (USA) 15%


Miki Nakatani, who married a cellist Tilo Faehiner, and Erina Mano, who married Japan’s representative of Japan’s representative of Japan, Erina Mano, who moved to the work of a partner.

Miki Nakatani seems to live in her home in Japan, half of her year in Japan, and half of her home in the mountains of Salzburg, Midwest of Austria.

On the other hand, the public is also curious about the migration of celebrities who have a fuss, such as GACKT and Laura.

Currently, GACKT says, “I will not work for more than 2 hours.” Due to the trouble with film companies and television stations during long -term medical treatment due to nervous system diseases, rumors are now mainly thinking about casino and poker work in anticipation of integrated resorts in Japan.

Laura also launched a sustainable brand himself, and also plans to make a movie with her friends. It looks fun and above all.

Then, here is the announcement of the top three.

◆ 3rd place Naomi Watanabe (USA) 27%

Naomi Watanabe started her activities based in New York in 2021. She still seems to be struggling in English, but the popularity of SNS is still the same.

She seems to be gradually increasing her awareness, with her being used as a new campaign character of the German brand “HUGO BOSS” this year. She reunites with Beyonce for the first time in 14 years, and is expected to be active in her future.

◆ 2nd place Yuji Ayabe (USA) 33%

Peace Yuji Ayabe, who dreamed of Hollywood stars. He was so abrupt to have a great impact?

But he doesn’t seem to have improved English, and he doesn’t seem to be training in the United States. I don’t know much about his income, saying, “Doing 호텔카지노주소 Japanese influencers.”

Still, the private seems to be smooth. He revealed that he was married in the essay “Hi, How Are You?” Released on July 16. The other party is a Japanese English teacher who criticized his English as “4 out of 10,000 points.” He seems to be under severe guidance.

He has now moved from New York to Los Angeles and has not given up on Hollywood yet.

◆ 1st place An apricot (France) 48%

And the first place was Kyou who just announced the migration of French with her three children and her dog.

She was born in Tokyo and raised in Tokyo, so she wanted to be in a different environment once. She says she has decided to decide, “It looks interesting,” and she says she’s a little better than her anxiety.

Her cooking video with her father, Ken Watanabe, who was delivered before her to France, was also talked about. It seems that both public and private will show more fulfilling appearance.

If anything, it seems that there are many patterns of spending private overseas so far. From now on, I would like to look forward to the appearance of a talent that will deliver big news in performing arts activities overseas.

* [Survey Overview]

Survey method: A questionnaire is conducted on the “Research Plus” monitor (30-49 -year -old woman) provided by Eybridge Co., Ltd., and the results are aggregated.

Survey period: August 18, 2022

Number of valid respondents: 30-49 years old 200 women

[Kenta Sawatari] “Women’s SPA! “Daily SPA! A TV watcher who writes entertainment articles. He likes Nippon -tei’s commercials crazy. Twitter →@hootersawatari

“Suspicion of new hand soap”

Rakuten Super Sale will start tomorrow

I am looking for what I want from the morning!

I wonder if I should buy clothes this time,

If you think …

Even before the sale

I just clicked (TдT)


↓ ↓

I really wanted to buy it during the sale

There is a coupon that can be bought for 2500 yen so far.

Brown seemed to be popular,

I chose a rare green ♡

\ Don’t forget to enter! ! / /

Like Molton brown, there is no Japanese label.

Conversely, if you are a conditioner

Normally sold in Japan

It looks like a 바카라카지노 genuine product.

The handling is not only parallel imports. 。 。 ?

I haven’t used it yet

I don’t know the contents. Enjoy when using! smile

as a side note···

After this, I checked reviews and various things.

The supporters and the suspicions were clearly divided.

Maybe I don’t think there is a fake.

If you value cospa (price) at your own risk,

something like that.

Well, parallel imported product companies

There are many stores on Rakuten and Amazon

There are many people who use it normally!

I don’t want to use it while doubting the quality, so

I wonder if I will never use it again.

If there is a formula, I will buy it there.

Huh. Caught by 1000 yen coupon

I did it

Well, I will use it until the end.

* By the way, this is my opinion.

If you are a favorite, please forgive me.

Molton brown

There is also an official shop in Rakuten

↓ ↓

\ hand soap/

\ Body Soap/

\hand cream/

Hotel Circus Circus Acrobat Show. The most fun is the tricks of the aerial swing.

In the entertainment where each theme hotel in Las Vegas is free to watch out for free, a program for each day of the week is often planned.

Unfortunately, there was no air swing performance on the day I visited, but today is the day when the aerial swing will be shown.

We left the room bravely to go to the hotel circus circus by the scheduled time of the program.

Today, the pool in the morning was stopped, and I decided to go to the hotel circus circus anyway.

The time is before noon.

The security staff resident in the elevator hall on the first floor gave me off while waving.

In the morning before noon. Las Vegas in March, where the blue sky is expanding high, the sun is falling like a hot arrow, but the air is cold.

For example, is it an environment such as the eighth station of Mt. Fuji in the summer or the summit of Kilauea in Hawaii?

Today’s weather environment was like a cool plateau in summer.

And again, ultraviolet rays are quite high.

The temperature difference between the sun and the shade is quite large. And the air is Karakkara …

Walk north on Strip Strip.

I came to Caesar’s castle on a holiday in Las Vegas, which is not a holiday in Rome, but I’m actually worried.

I heard that the Buffel Restaurant here is luxuriously lined up in Las Vegas. Of course, the fee is the highest class, but the Buffel Restaurant of Hotel Paris, which I was expecting for dinner the other day, was closed and I was hungry, so to recover that regret, it is a high -end buffet. Is it okay to do it? I thought …

In front of Hotel Treasure Island.

A pirate ship on Treasure Island.

At the port, the treasure of pirate ships is landed.

Is there a treasure in the lion’s mouth? “”

In such a case, while playing for killing time, I walk and walk to the circus circus.

Even if you enter the hotel circus circus, the casino field will pass through.

… So I enter from the shopping mall side.

Mmm … What is this? “”

Stand in front of the green screen and take a photo of CG graphics.

This is a Hollywood -class spectacle.

Yes! The finished photo looks like this.

At night, I walked to Las Vegas Sign. (… is a lie. It’s a CG trick photo.)

The hotel circus circus also has an indoor amusement park. The size is that Korakuen Amusement Park in Tokyo is in the dome. Several kinds of rides were operating with the roller coaster alone.

There are various types of Carousel. In other words, it is a large amusement park that can be enjoyed by small children and adults.

Why is it an indoor amusement park in Las Vegas, which doesn’t rain? I think it’s strange, but I think it’s probably because there are many strong wind days.

Various rides are charged, but as an American amusement park, the boarding fare is quite low.

Nevertheless, the scale is too large for an indoor amusement park. You can enjoy Las Vegas enough even if you play in this amusement park without playing at a casino.

Hotel Circus Circus has many families with children.

I was quite interested in this roller coaster.

However, the purpose of visit this time was to watch the acrobat show. If you are playing in an amusement park, you will be late for the show.

We rushed to the amusement park and rushed to the show venue.

On the stage of the show venue, today is the day when the aerial swing is scheduled to be held, but as the undercard, a short comedy art is being shown.

It’s an easy -to -understand costume to see.

Chaplin -style Otoboke Action is a universal comedian that does not require words.

At this point, I was laughing and laughing.

However, when a floral star of the aerial swing appears, the inside of the hall is wrapped in heat and excitement with tension at once.

A gymnast -like handsome boy and a beauty full girl full of sexual senses.

Collect the gaze in the hall at a stretch, and two beautiful women dance.

Maybe the aerial swing was a R15 designation …?

Gyogyo! “Do those beautiful women also swing in the air? It’s not just dance performance.

… Does that mean that the gala is higher than a handsome boy without a dance?

Making money in Las Vegas doesn’t seem to be that easy.

The beautiful women who finished the dance also climbed the ladder following the handsome boy without a dance.

The audience is waiting for the drinks in addition to the tension of raw saliva gokuri.

Looking up, your mouth is angry …

In the area where the splendid Circular Screening resounds, the first is the aerial swing performance of beautiful women!

Ca! “Beauty is double loop with twin! !! !!

Return is a gorgeous front and rear legs!

Return to the base safely and land brilliantly!

Great! Wander! It’s not just the back! It’s a technique! “”

The first video is the introduction level acrobatics …

Enjoy the beauty flying Bertrek with the atmosphere of tension.

That’s amazing. It’s wonderful. If a woman ripens such a skill, how far can men do it?

Next is a handsome boy’s strange technique.

It came out! Two times return twice a twist!

Those who are getting away from work are gorgeous and cool, but the catcher is also difficult.

It’s a great impressive to see the super splendid acrobatts of harassment and throb, but it’s free, and it’s a very thick service that is free to take photos. 。

For the wonderful acrobat stars, the inside of the hall was a large storm of applause.

Hanagata stars performed the last flydiving, performing several kinds of tricks.

The appearance of getting off the defense net was completely top professional top stars.

Then enjoy it in the video. The last performance of the aerial swing is a successful catch with three times behind!

It is a technique in which Shinji Morishue succeeded to land for the first time in the world for the first time in the Los Angeles Olympics in the 1984 gymnastics, which led to a gold medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, but the technique was carried out under the aerial swing. It is clear that it is more difficult to catch a blunt again in a separate work, and that it is more difficult to grab a blunt in a separate work.

Of course, I open my mouth and look stunned …

I give up. It is surrender. Great! After all, it was good to return!

If I left Las Vegas without watching this, 카지노사이트 I would definitely have been a regretful rain.

Silked Soleil is also great, but this is a free special entertainment, which shows this high technology. Las Vegas is scary …

PS, … maybe you want to see it again? e? You want to see it? “”

You want to go to the site and want to watch plenty in the video, right?

… Let’s do something! Please leave it to Fumi! let’s do it! “”

The return is a bit cloudy.

Only Trump Tower was gold, but it was quite floating, but there is money but there is no trick …?

People who go on the road have a cold protection specification.

Still, Las Vegas is very crowded and I can’t feel the character of Corona.

The splendid waterfall is flowing down …

Las Vegas is not missing where the photo shines.

I’m surprised at the big tiger, Omai Tiger! ! (?)

Every day is a zoo (?) At the show venue at an amusement park.

Hyundai World Rally Team, Monte Carlo, starts a new season

The new era of WRC was bright. This year has a special meaning in many ways. It was in 1973 that the rally independently opened in various parts of the FIA, integrated into the International Championship for Manuel (IMC) under the FIA. The WRC, which ran for half a century, opened a new page of history by introducing hybrids for the first time this year.

The Rally 1 category, which replaces the existing world rally car, has changed a lot from before. Inheriting the existing 1.6L turbo engine, the motor was added and transformed into a hybrid. Integrated packages with 100kW (134 horsepower) motors, 3.9kWh batteries, and control units are the same product to all cars and are installed right in front of the rear axle. The center differential has disappeared and the body weight has increased to 1,260 kg, and some aerodynamics and suspensions have been simplified to reduce costs. Instead, the output can be pulled up to 500 horsepower (380 horsepower) instead, offset these shortcomings.

Another change is the chassis. Unlike the previous reinforcement of the mass -produced car monocoque, it was changed to a shell of the steel pipe space frame. The rally car structure used in group B was revived. Nevertheless, the appearance should be used as it is.

The Hyundai World Rally Team introduced the I20 N WRC Rally 1, which applied the 3rd generation design. Thierry Neuville and OTT TANAK are currently the most powerful two -top drivers in WRC. If you add the number of winning stages, you win 29 wins (Nuville 15, Tanak 14). Although he is only winning, he is less than the 8th champion’s outsider and the nine champion SEBASTIEN LOEB, but they are not a championship competitor because they step out of the front line and play only in some games. The third car of the modern team is divided into Dani Sordo and Oliver Solberg. The new Solberg has played since the opening game, and Sordo finished the adaptive training in a world rally car last year.

The Hyundai team broke up with Andrea Adamo at the end of last year. There are many big greetings about the successor, but there is no formalization yet. First of all, the head of Hyundai Motor Sports Roh Seung -wook is a temporary supervisor, and the representatives of each field are leading the practice.

Toyota, who put GR Yaris, was entry with Elfyn Evans, Kalle Rovanpera, and Takamoto Katsuta. Last year, he declared his retirement in the backcountry, which had his eighth driver champion title, and only part of the game this season. The remaining gaps will be filled with the newly recruited ESAPEKKA LAPPI.

The M-Sport Ford has a more suitable for the work team than before, as Ford’s support increases. Rally cars are CUVs, CUVs instead of Fiesta. He hired Craig Breen and increased it to three systems: Adrien Fourmaux and Gus Greensmith. In addition, four units were played in the opening game, including veteran Sebastien Rob. Robe sits next to the female codrebelle Galmiche, as his old partner Daniel Elena retires.

This season is also Monte-Carlo. Monaco has no roads to form a small city -state, so most of them run on nearby French lands except the opening ceremony, awards, and some SS. The road surface is basically a tap (packaging road), but it is mixed with snow, ice and wet roads due to the period of January and mountain roads. As a result, Soft, Super Soft, and Winter Tires are fiercely noticed about what to choose, such as studs and studs. Sometimes there is an anomalous choice that inserts other tires back and forth or left and right.

This year, Monte Carlo Rally runs 17 stages of 296.03 km. Last year, the course was greatly increased, unlike 14 stages to prepare for Corona 19, and the Col de Turini course of SS2, such as the symbol of Rally Monte Carlo, returned. In particular, this year, Call de Turinikos was set up at night, which was a rare attraction that took place in nearly 10 years since 2013.

Thursday evening, the participants who finished the opening event in front of the Monte Carlo Casino ran across the border to Alps-Maritimes. The game section is only 38.45km in two SS, but a difficult stage that runs in the dark darkness. In particular, Call de Turini is a difficult course that cannot be relaxed even for a moment with continuous hairpins.

The initial atmosphere was led by Rob and Oji, the first and second title of the title. Oji grabbed SS1 and SS2, leading to a comprehensive lead, and Robe was squeezed. Evans, Formo, Green Smith, Nubrin, Brin and Tanak finished their first day. Nuville’s gambling with soft and super soft tires did not work well, leading to 12.6 seconds. Solberg, who did not hear navigation well due to the Intercom problem, finished the first day in the 10th place.

Friday was the six SS 97.86km, which runs three stages in the Mercantour National Park. In general, you will receive the service after the morning loop, but this time the driver and the core driver must repair the car until they return to the service park in the evening. Therefore, only one accident or trouble can ruin the game completely.

On Friday morning, the Baekjeon Robe Robe fought back. He took four stages from SS3 and took the lead. In the backcountry, the SS5 was 15.8 seconds slower than the Robe, which fell to third place, and instead Evans became second. Ford teams rose due to Rob’s leading injury, while Formo’s car was spread on the SS4, and Green Smith was mixed, with the hybrid system did not work properly. Formo had no choice but to give up the game due to an accident. The Hyundai team, which was sluggish on the first day, seemed to recover slowly. Nubill and Tanak were ranked at the SS4 and SS5. In the overall ranking, he was ranked fourth in Nuville and sixth in Tanak.

Over the morning, the temperature rose and the road surface was getting dried quickly. In the afternoon, Green Smith records top time in SS7. I cheered for the first stage championship. At the end of Friday, Robe maintained the overall lead and the backcountry was second. Nuil, who finished Friday with fourth overall, narrowed his time difference to 47.8 seconds. Tanak was fifth after overtaking Brin.

On Saturday, I moved to the Alps-De-Haute-Provence area, which is a little west. The three stages of the SS9 ~ SS11 were run in the morning and the SS10 and SS11 were rewritten. Oji grabbed the SS10 and pushed the robe back and returned to the forefront. But Evans, the fastest on Saturday opening stage, ruined the game by leaving the course on SS11. Rally cars across the ramp could not be raised with the help of the crowd. Thanks to this, after the morning, Brin was third and Nuville fourth.

But bad luck came to the modern team. Nuville, who did not use stud tires on SS12, was fast in a dry section, but could not use the frozen road surface. In addition, he lost more than 3 minutes in SS12 due to suspension mount damage. Tanak, who had collided with the wall after dangerously crossing the corner on SS11, managed to finish the stage, but the coolant burst in the movement section.

At the end of Saturday, the overall leader is in the backcountry. Ford team’s Rob and Brin followed. Lawbanpera and Green Smith are fourth and fifth place, and Nuville is sixth in 7 minutes and 44 seconds behind the lead. Solberg, who failed to solve the inflow of the exhaust gas indoor inflow, was out of the SS10 and fell to 48th as a result of Saturday. As it was the first rally where the new technical regulations were applied, half of the ten rally 1 participants were pushed out of the scoring area due to accidents and trouble.

On Sunday, he returned to the Alphary team and covered the final winner in the 67.26km section, which repeats two stages. Oji was the lead, but after 21.1 seconds, there was no reassurance. Robe was the fastest on the opening stage and the 호게임 backcountry was 1.1 seconds. Nuil was breathing in the following SS15 as the first top time of the season. Solberg finishes the SS14 and finally decides to retire. Following the Tanak, the game was given up from Solberg, leaving only Nuville in the Hyundai Team. Nuil, who lost a lot of time until yesterday, decided to focus on the power stage because it was difficult to expect the ranking rise. He chose a strategy to cherish a pair of soft tires as much as possible.

The fierce leading fight led to a band electrode once again in the SS16. Sai Rob, who was caught in the tire punk, was at the forefront of 9.5 seconds. In addition, Brin was ranked third overall, so it was a pharmacist for Ford team, which was the weakest until last year. In the final SS17, which serves as a power stage, Lawbanper was the fastest, and Evans, Nubil, Rob, and Oji took additional scores.

Robe showed off the 47 -year -old Noi -sik and won the Rally Monte Carlo. Four years after the 2018 Spanish match, he achieved his personal career 80 wins and the eighth Montecarlo Cup. Oji and Brin filled the rest of the podium and finished the opening match in the order of Lawvan Ferra, Green Smith, and Nubil. Hyundai team won a total of 11 points with the final sixth place (8 points), with three additional Power Stage points.

Monte Carlo’s rally, which had a lot of accidents, was still there. Although it is a rather unfortunate result for Hyundai teams who have experienced various bad news, there is still a chance to think that the momentum has risen from the beginning and late season in 2019 and 2020, which won the overall championship. The second Swedish rally will be held on February 24-27 by moving to Umea from southern Karlstad, avoiding chronic eye deficiency.

writing. Lee Soo -jin (Automobile Critics)

In 1991, he went up to the birth of a domestic car magazine for enthusiasts, and sent a letter hard. He has served as editor -in -chief and editor -in -chief in Car Vision and Automotive Life, and is now an automotive critic. He also introduces the latest trends such as electric cars, connect -tid cars, and autonomous driving technology, but also wishes that the engine engine, which smells of oil, will not disappear.

Hyundai Motor Group News Media, Go to HMG Journal


I walked in five days. I saw the sky in five days. The cloud was unusual, not the sky, so I took a picture.

If you don’t really walk, you can’t see the sky. Or, I usually don’t remember being buried in many other things I’ve seen for a while, but when I walk, I see the sky longer, so I think it may be memorable.

Whatever the process, the morning sky I saw for a long time today brought me an old memory. The clouds that seemed to be removed from the cotton bunch reminded me of the ceiling of the Venetian hotel in Macau.

Recently, I made a hard decision. I canceled my overseas travel for a child’s winter vacation and my husband’s birthday. In spite of the bad conditions of the PCR test before and after the trip, the child was so good that he wanted to go too much, and I wanted to go to the airport too much, and I wanted to eat it too much. I did it.

Still our last trip remains in Danang, Vietnam, and there is no promise when it will be.

Of course, despite the Corona city, we traveled a lot mainly in Gangwon -do and Busan. Busan has a friendship, so Gangwon -do has a water park and a ski resort. There is a plan to go to Gangwon -do twice and once in Busan within the next month.

I don’t think it’s a trip for a few days to go to Korea, whether I’m a snob or what I’m in a four -way. As a result, I naturally travels to Jeju Island, and I don’t hit it.

Think about why.

The main reason is that it is due to the travel period and the preparation period. Compared to overseas, domestic travel is shorter, but the preparation period is shorter.

The reason why it was unfortunate to cancel the overseas travel in January is that the five -day vacation is gone, but the process of conversation and preparation among the families for a lot of small choices and decisions before traveling is gone. In fact, many people who have traveled to the plane start a lot 코인카지노 of trouble, but rather the most fun to just before the plane.

Whether to stay in the resort, what kind of room type to choose, breakfast every day, when the restaurant is going to go, etc. It was a little more powerful.

The continuing variation of the uncomfortable corona virus is getting farther away. Now, shall we change our thoughts and see domestic travels like overseas travel? not. I can’t do it. Even if you wait more, you will enjoy the right trip when you go abroad.

How is the old and new model different? Honma golf “TW GS” and “TW757 Type -D” are comparable! (Everyone’s golf digest)

Honma Golf’s 2022 model driver “TW757 Type-D” (left) and 2021 model “TW GS” (right) are compared! Honma Golf’s tour brand driver “TW GS” and “TW757D” are tested by professional golfer Yosho Horiguchi. Compared the ability of the old and new models that focused on high initial speed, which leads to a large flight distance. This time, the TW GS released on January 29, 2021 and the TW757 Type-D, released on March 25, 2022. Honma Golf’s tour brand “Tour World” Series is a new and old model. First, “TW GS” is a model that states “surprise exceeding +10 yards” to improve the ball initial speed and swing speed. The ball speed is improved by adopting a new structure called a radial “radial face” on the back of the face to maximize the repulsion and resilience areas. The effect of the groove “crankslit” engraved closer to the sole face was added, and the initial speed was successful. Honma golf “TW GS” (photo shows a loft 10.5 degrees) A ​​draw -bye design with a tungsten weight behind the head assists a powerful trajectory. Pursuing the best balance between speed and gentleness. The head volume of the driver is 460cc. First, I asked Horiguchi about the impression of “TW GS”. “It’s a rare shallow face as a tour professional model, but it gives a sense of security when it is set up. The face looks like a straight face, so it’s very easy to hold.” What about the evaluation? The average test data is as follows. [Horiguchi’s “TW GS” (loft 10.5 degrees) test result] HS44.3m/S carry 242Y Total 266Y launch angle 13.1 degrees ball initial speed 64m/s spin amount 2140 Rotation “The playing feeling is great and the ball comes out with a pan. It feels like it is. Even if you listen to the 카지노 sound, you can see that the initial speed is coming out very much. The shaft feels a little soft, but there is a lot of return and the ball is caught. 。 Even if it hits the face slightly below, it will fly without dropping, so there is an image that the sweet area is wide for a tour model. The trajectory is quite high. ”

“Are you coming?”

Seeing the height of the chip in front of the roulette, an Asian talked to me, sighing. He watched it from two spaces and approached him to explain the principle of roulette games. As he informed him, he made a regret that he had been in the schedule without knowing what he was doing today. I searched for a filming location called and wandered around every night. This is my favorite scene. In the end, I can’t find it and I have to leave tomorrow. Unlike my gloomy expression, he’s half and stand! Shouted.

The city, which is brighter than the day than the day, is also refreshing as the people who gathered as much as the lights of the brilliant and brilliant hotels. Even homeless greetings with a smile when they are right. This is because the city built in the middle of the desert gives a gift of isolation from the world. On weekends, it becomes a deviation destination for nearby citizens such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, and provides businessmen with concentrated space for one purpose. It is a bonus to enjoy the casino all night along the route of a maze -like hotel. As he saw, of course I was losing.

The characteristics of the hazy and limited space are attractive to those who make movies, so there are countless films set in Las Vegas, such as Oceans Series, Jason Vaughn, Now Yu Me, and Las Vegas. .

Among them, my favorite film is to leave Las Vegas, with Sting’s depressed and foggy OST. The film, based on John of Ryan’s autobiographical novel, stands out with the delicate musical talents of Michael Pigs, who has a background in music. In fact, Michael Pigis produced all the soundtracks except three songs that Sting presented, and even the trumpets and keyboards were directly played.

The film declares that music is another hero from the start, and Sting’s Angel Eyes, which is wet and stretched in the cancer, appears first. And after a while, there is a man who shoppes with a whistle in a large mart with a whistle in a large mart. He thought he had to capture Absolute Vodka and Cognac, and his cart is already full of alcohol. The film, which vibrates the smell of alcohol throughout the running time, introduces us a lot of drinks, such as cocktail textbooks for 112 minutes. If you are concerned about the appearance of too many drinks, you will hear this from him.

“Rather 먹튀검증사이트 to breathe less!”

“Is it because of alcohol? An alcoholic addict, who is not remembered, loses his wife, child, and a workplace and loses his motivation of life, and brushes all his property and carries all his property and carries the same amount of alcohol as the weight of loneliness and heads to Las Vegas. He is going to die in Las Vegas after drinking this alcohol.

He and I exited the casino and settled on a bar next to a small lake in the Wynn Hotel and talked with a total of five drinks. He hit a cocktail glass full of sour with his first cup and he heard Moscow Mules from him. He ordered this cocktail in a dongle and a pretty Dongzan, and he said he could know the taste of the owner. He had a talent to talk about the material, which is not much.

“Are you coming?”

A woman who sells her body in Las Vegas, snooping at the bar inside the hotel, talks to a strange man. And she meets for the first time, while she is almost hit by Ben’s car, who was drunk on the way out of the way. Her second meeting is opposite the Flamingo Hotel, and Ben sits on her bench and barges Sarah’s time. The camera is then explained by Ben’s ambassador because Sarah, who came out with a shower, is pella on Dasuza Ben.

“I’m not interested in that. Don’t just go. That’s what I want.

In my second cup, my party introduced me to Pautong. Tequila is packed in a jar -shaped tumbler. Salt with thick lower lip along the rim was fascinating. While emptying Tequila, when her tongue was touched at the tip of her tongue, he told her last life that ran like her racehorse. Then, suddenly, his face, who said that there was no place to be praised as he got older, was like a child who was depressed. When I thought about it, Paktong’s strong aftertaste survived, and she couldn’t take her eyes off her face while looking for her hands. I wanted to listen to his story more.

The scene that anyone who has seen this film cannot be forgotten is the god who presents Seraga to Ben, an alcoholic, a silver heap flask. He says that he cannot live without drinking, which means true love for this. However, the film is a love story that hugs each other’s scars somewhere, and at the same time, life is not mine. It is a story about the characters who have never lived their lives like the twisted lines of the Las Vegas hotels that are hard to find. That’s why the two main characters in the film often walk on the road and find each other.

With the third cup we had 10 years of Raproy. The pale and transparent bark whiskey was provided in the same -shaped tumbler that contained Pautong, not Glan Karen. The place where we sat down was made for a moment to celebrate for a while before the performance began. I asked him what he had been running. I wondered what deficit his passion was. He was deceived and blatant, but in some ways, he had a boy’s face, and I thought it was because of a strong immersion towards something. I don’t remember what he said. Perhaps the Meced Pete could have missed the story as he broke through his nose, or he might have strangely evade the answer.

When Ben appears, the hearts of the crowded audience are more cheerful. Ben, who is on Sarah’s sofa, speaks in an inaccurate pronunciation.

“I’m an alcoholic and you are a prostitute. I know that I am a comfortable person. I believe and respect your judgment, not because I’m indifferent or loved.”

The film stares at the bitterness of each other’s affairs open without any shields. Even though the dense love also finds the usual habits over time, and at this time, the Angel Eyes, which adds loneliness against the background of the sunset, is played once more, and Ben is again soaked in alcohol. It is the time to remain.

In the fourth cup, I ordered a cocktail with a chocolate scent. When I saw the bowl, which was built in the shape of a reverse triangle on a thin stem, it was uncomfortable to say that it was uncomfortable. He and I bet whether this taste came from Bailes and Calua’s, but the conclusion was just chocolate syrup. I didn’t even know that I was drunk with sweet taste, but I drank the last red wine that I didn’t remember. He continued to hover that he wanted to be a wonderful person anyway.

“If my story was fun today, it’s all because of the seniors I met.”

In his last journey, there were adults who were lucky to be lucky to be faded, and it was fun to gain experience beyond the limits with their encouragement, but now he seems to be an adult who grew up a big arm. His face, which seemed to be crying, constantly came to mind. I wanted to wrap that cheek.

Sera seems to be interviewing someone throughout the film.

“I wanted to keep listening to his story.”

Love is an experience of listening to his words and realizing the desire to read his hard life. Some hungry meets in their lives naturally solve this tender interest. There is no Ben anymore, and Sarah stands alone to find an exit and walks.

119 “Unexpected ♪ Are You Going to Scarborough ~ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬……………………

119 “Unexpectedly ♪ ARE YOU Going to Scarborough ~ ♬ ♬ ♬。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 On January 2, 2002, he moved by train from Invanes in Northern Scotland to the ancient city of York, northern England. I have a restless personality, and on the second day of the night, I suddenly want to go somewhere in other town Hefras. That was the case in York. The trigger was the road sign called “SCARBOROUGH A1036 (A64)” that I happened to see when I came back to the hotel after dinner. The moment I saw the road sign, my brain miso rotated. Perhaps “SCARBOROUGH” is “Scarborough” of Simon & Garfunkle’s famous song “SCARBOROUGH FAIR” …? Surely so. I immediately returned to the hotel and turned the page of the guidebook “How to Walk the Earth”. Certainly, there is one page of the city called “Scarborough SCARBOROUGH”. However, Scarborough is only introduced as the city where her sister, Arashi Blonte’s sister, Anne Bronte, was introduced as a town where her breath was taken, and there was no description of Simon & Garfunkle’s masterpiece “SCARBOROUGH FAIR”. rice field. (Note: “How to Walk the Earth” is from 2002-2003) Maybe it’s a Scarbo Roto, but there is no loss in going to kill time. I came all the way from Japan. I thought that a stranger was sending me to me, “Okay! Out! Scarborough is about an hour by train from York, where you stay. Not far away. The guidebook also states that there was a castle at the end of the cape, and in the 17th century, a mineral spring sprayed and flourished as a beach resort. There is no other thing I am interested in. Well, I have a free time, and I have a rail pass where the train can ride for free … So, on the second day of York, I took a local train and aimed for a scarborough. For a while on the train, ordinary rural areas continue. This was a nice thing for me to enjoy the car window scene. When I arrived at Scarborough and left the station, I was lucky enough to have a tourist information. This is lucky. There is no map in the guidebook, so it is very helpful to 코인카지노 get a map of the city. But the map is charged. I couldn’t help but decided to pay a pound and buy a map. Go the main streak, West Bowl Street, while looking at the map. Many shops were lined up on both sides of the street on the promenade, and at the beginning of the year, it was full of excitement shoppers. Going further, the pedestrian heaven ends. From there, it became a roadway and the name changed to East Bowl Street. I was strangely excited, so while walking, I hammered the melody of “Skavo Fair”. ♪ ARE You Going to Scarborough ~ ♬ Singing will make you feel better. When I went down the road a little down, there were a number of narrow steep hills down the coast on the right side of the road. Occasionally, the sea can be seen through the gaps of the narrow slope, and the scent of pleasant tide reaches the nose. There was one guest house in the back of a alley. The appearance was so good that I entered the alley and took one photo. ♪ parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ~ ♬ As you walk, the fragrance of the tide and the tide will become stronger and stronger. The sea is near. There was an uphill on the left hand on the way. There is a tattoo shop that is painted red in the mouth of the slope. The vivid red color of the tattoo shop appeared under the gray sky, floating in the cityscape. After walking for a while, the road along the coast. There is a small fishing port in front of you, and there are several medium -sized fishing boats. I stopped and took a big breath. I lived in Hase in Kamakura in my 20s, and my heart was relaxed by the scent of the sea. I was worried. What kind of fish can be caught in the sea around here. Even though I am interested, there is no fish market or fish shop near the fishing port, so I can’t find it. There is a fishery -related office on the right of the fishing port, but it’s not enough to go to the office and ask. Beyond the fishing port, spacious sandy beaches continue. I remembered Yuigahama near the house where I lived in the past, and I felt a nostalgic feeling. On a hill along the coast that looks far away, you can see a hotel and casino -like building that looks like a resort. In the season, the surplus people gather and get absorbed in gambling and be delighted. But now it’s the off season. There are only people walking leisurely with dogs and children on the beach where there are few people. The European continent spreads over the cold North Sea in front of you, continuing to the Netherlands, Northern Germany, and the Denmark Yutland Peninsula. After returning to Japan, I was worried about it. “SCARBOROUGH FAIR” sung by Simon & Garfunkles is “Fair = City”, which is regularly held in Scarborough. They cover the traditional ballads that remain in England and release them in 1966 in the album “Pasera Sage Rosemary and Time”. It was used as an insert song for the 1967 movie “Graduation”. It is said that the history of Scarborough’s “city” dates back to the Middle Ages. Scarborough on the North Sea coast has long been an important trade base for merchants in the UK. One day of the main “city”, clowns and magician gathered, especially when the long -term “city”, which lasts 45 days from August 15, was opened. It was said that it was a song and “Scarborough Fair” was born. Even so, the original song seems to be slightly different from Simon & Garfunkle’s tune. A short walk from the fishing port to the spacious beach. If you smoke the fragrance of the tide as much as you can, you will feel your mood. After that, I returned to the center of the city through a steep slope different from the road I came. I like the seaside town with a slope. Even the port town is even better. In that sense, Bergen in Norway, which I visited before, was the best. Go up the Etchla Ochira slope again to the center of the city. There was a building like an old market in a place that was off the side road. I’m worried somehow, so let’s go inside. The first floor was a large market with small food stores. I expected the fish to be harvested in the nearest waters, but there was only a butcher in the market. In the basement, old tools, old clothes, and small fortune -telling are crowded. It’s like a small indoor “Skaboro Fair”. I tried to find out the bargains at the old tool store, but I couldn’t find much. Take a few photos and leave the market. Well, I have nothing to do anymore. All you have to do is return to York. I was a little hungry, but I decided to eat after returning to York. I returned to the station and looked at the timetable. It is almost an hour to depart the train bound for York. I decided to kill time by bra around the station. There is a modern theater that performs a play in front of the station. I was a little interested, so I looked into it. After that, walk into a pub near the station. The pub is right in front of the station. No matter what, you won’t miss the train. There are many posters of the old -fashioned play in the store. I sat on a table where you could see the station building from the window. Crush time while drinking beer. But the time is just too slow to get irritated. After drinking beer, I headed to the station. I still had a little time. In addition, drink a second beer in a pub in the station premises. Travelers have plenty of extra time. The second beer brings a pleasant sickness to the empty stomach. While doing so, a train bound for York entered the platform. When boarding, the train was unusually departed on time. Departing on time is lucky in the UK as if you were a lottery. Perhaps I have run out of all the trains on this regular trip on this regular train. (◎ Please search for the back number of the travel blog “Tekutu UK” from the following [tag]!)
• Tekuta UK
• Scarborough
• Skaboro Fair Everyone Read the UK of the UK << 427 "The turbulent period at the end of the Tokugawa period, Takeshi Enomoto ... 409" I definitely wanted to see ... >>

I watched the drama squid game where the world is enthusiastic.

It has its own cinematic fun and the theme consciousness seems clear.

Gong -hoon said, ‘Would you like to choose a red scab? Collect Blue Watch? ‘In the’ Metrix ‘, in the’ Matrix ‘, Morpius gives Neo a tension to the beginning of a huge event, such as a scene in which he chooses one of red and blue medicine.

The first game, Mugunghwa flower bloomed.

As well as play, there will be many MZ generations who do not know the book ‘Mugunghwa Flower Bloomed’.

It is a non -fiction novel by Kim Jin -myung, who is killed to create a nuclear weapon with Dr. Lee Yong -wi.

As in the book, people who participate in the game are killed like a chess version like a toy.

Second game, sweet and draw

Make it with soda in sugar. If you add too much sugar and soda for sweetness, you can’t even use it.

I only picked it up in an umbrella in the shape of a star, but rather a bitter taste rather than the taste.

Let’s put all in moderation. Like the sugar of the sweetness like the sweat of life.

Third game, beading

The third game is beading. Beading is the most playful game with a scab when when you were young.

There were many beads. There are plays where people who can eat the ground or win the hole, and the play that rolls on the wall and rolls more.

In the movie, Sang -woo loses a bead to a foreigner Ali who has never played a game. Sang -woo is hard to believe that he is four consecutive consecutive consecutive things, so he shouts whale whales that he uses tricks. But he would have known Sang -woo, who entered the Department of Business Administration at Seoul National University. He was just lucky that he had lost in a row.

If you like gambling, the game you have done at least is ‘Baccarat’. Baccarat’s game rule is the same as a beading game. It is a game that wins the banker and the player, each of which is close to 9.

It’s literally luck. But when people get money in the banker, they will pay the second edition and the banker.

If you pay the banker on the banker in a row and get the money until the fifth, which side will you pay?

If you earn money from the banker until 온라인바카라 the fifth, most people think that they will now come out of the player. On the contrary, there are a few people who go to the banker all -in on the banker.

This is all called a gambling error. In the probability, the outcome of the previous case and the outcome of the back case are independent, and the gambling error is caused by not understanding it. The expectation that the hall will come out in a row will be paired in the next edition.

This is because most of the games are determined by the probability of independence. The error of the gambler is an error in an accident that seeks to find a correlation in a series of probabilistic events that do not affect each other, that is, the probability of independence.

That’s why only two kinds of gamblers can exist in casino games.

One is the Hold’em game and the other is the blackjack game.

Both games are not a probability of independence, but the game is carried out by the probability of subordination, so players who know how to calculate the probability of the previous edition can make money. When you poker or go -stop with your friends, you often pick up.

Like poker or GoStop, a dependent probability game is a gambling gambling for people who are good at the game, whether they are animal or mathematical knowledge.

There is also a movie called ’21’, a thrilling story of Blackjack Game based on a true story. It is a real story of MIT engineering students leaning on the probability of dependent on blackjack games and making money when they are advantageous with card counting techniques.

However, it is almost impossible to earn money after the Blackjack game, which is now a dependent Blackjack game, has been changed to a machine that can make the card shuffle indefinitely, that is, after blocking the predictions due to the dependent probability, and becoming an independent probability.

The fourth game should be introduced for those who have not seen the drama and introduce the last game.

Last game, squid game

The most memorable play when I was young is the squid game. Because while playing a squid game with classmates after school, I broke my arm and went to school for a few days.

Squid games, as in the movie, are bloody wars that are as if my arm was broken when I was young.

If you pass the risk and pass through the interim passage, you can run freely with two feet instead of one foot.

The transformation of a runner who uses both feet freely in a poker is becoming a male fish tragger like a cry in the drama. Through the past, it is a vertical increase in the common people from the common people.

But that’s not the end. To win the game, you have to push the defender and step on the circle of the squid head.

I thought it would be comfortable when I graduated from school, but I thought it would be a flower road when I got a job, but I thought it would be fried when I got married, but in my life, many defenders continued to appear to prevent victory.

Ironically, the defenders are inside, not outside.

Greed in me, anger in me, foolishness in me, and Samdok are the largest defenders in my life.

This is the last word thrown by the reversal character at the end of the drama.

Participants in the drama should play as a play, not play. Life.

Frontman, on the other hand, sits on the couch and drinks whiskey and works on the behavior of the participants in the screen. Like a play.

Chairman Kim Bum -soo said that he played without a circle, such as poker, game, and drinking. He made a game GoStop to take advantage of the experience, hit the jackpot, and built the current Kakao Empire.

Instead of saying to study to children, you should go outside to be surprised.

It is not a world where success is guaranteed to be good at studying and getting a good job in a large company. The students who only studied when they were younger were cut off at the age of 50 to be unemployed for the remaining 50 years.

Homorudins, a human being.

Let’s have fun.

As a play. Play with play.

Wouldn’t it be possible to say that you are playing well in this world like a celestial poet?

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Yesterday September 23 (holiday)

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There were various data on the first day of the three consecutive holidays! I’m looking forward to Saturday!

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Yakop, the older brother of the Grimp brothers known for “Snow White”, was ahead of his one -year -old brother in later years. He sends such a letter to his acquaintance. “Half of me died.” ▲ The feeling of loss is the same for Hayashi Yukihira (67). Hayashi, born in Osaka, had three different younger brothers, Akira. Akira, who developed pediatric leukemia at the age of four, cried too much pain during the test. The voice 61 years ago is still in Hayashi’s ears. For one year and nine months of the illness, his mother is packed in the hospital and his father returns home late. Mr. Hayashi, who has just been up in elementary school, is an answering machine every day. In the New Year in 1963, he became two brothers in the hospital room. Outside is snow. Akira said. “I’m sorry to monopolize my dad and mother.” ▲ Akira took out the new year’s gifts from under his pillow. “My brother, I’ll give you this.” A few days later, Akira died at the age of five. No matter how hard the person is, do not forget the feeling of caring for others. Akira last taught it. Hayashi worked for a foreign -affiliated pharmaceutical company and started a medical consultant company. The company was also folded three years ago, and is in charge of public relations with a non -profit organization that supports pediatric cancer research. The late Kunio Hatada (Hatakuno), a manga artist who “researched” the character in order of birth, is each brothers and sisters. I made an anniversary. Today, March 6 is “Brother’s Day”. There are many challenges, such as childhood cancer, such as not sufficient care for siblings and sisters. Hayashi says. “The rest of my life will be used to support the child of the cancer and my family. I will be angry with Akira.” It is said. The invention of tools that began with a stone tool before the history and enriched as the times went down would have been promoted by fingers that move at their own way, such as grabbing and pinching. ▼ There is an objection. Human hands have evolved to make hard fists. A few years ago, I read an article that a US biologist advocated such a new theory and was surprised. The grip fist, which folds the four fingers inside and stacks the thumb from above, is unique to humanity, and is suitable for hitting the enemy in shape and hardness. Fortunately or unfortunately, the developed intelligence created more destructive weapons, and the grip fist has been around the people of the people as a struggle. It is a stage device called sports invented by mankind that sublimated the aggressive and violent instinct to competition such as “height”, “speed”, and “strength”. ▼ The best thing is the Olympics, the Paralympics that opened in Beijing in winter. At the opening ceremony on the 4th night, there was a Ukrainian player who left the hometown where the war was expanding and marched. I don’t feel like seeing a symbol of the reason that people should keep in a grip fist who raised the desire of “Russian hatred”. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has launched Russian players who trample on the country. The sports world chose to reward violence by reason. It is also described that there was a grip fist in both hands of Persons, who shouted “Peace! (Peace)” for the world. I hear that the Russian sports world is under the strong influence of President Putin. Russian players who say “separate sports and politics” will nod. There is one word to them. Deeply ashamed the body that has fallen as a political tool. There is no sympathy to bring to those who do not even have a fist to the tyrant. In the late 1980s, it was said that the former Soviet Union had Pelestroika (rebuilding) and Glasnosti (information disclosure) at the time. A British dog and a Russian dog met. A British dog asked. “I wonder if my life has become easier with Pelestroika.” “It’s true that the food has been reduced, but I can bark as much as I want.” I learned a book called Russian Humor. It is true that the independent radio “Moscow’s Kodama”, which has been criticizing a sharp government since the collapse of the former Soviet Union, was dissolved. Russia, who continues to invade Ukraine, strengthens information control, and criticism of war, rather than in conveying the fact of invasion. 모바일바카라게임 After all, the independent TV “Doshichi” has also been suspended. Maximum 15 years in prison. “It’s not a war” and “Ukraine is slaughtering residents”, and President Putin, who has been fake information, is a frozen spine in the spine. You may be afraid to grow, but it doesn’t work well in an era where information is easy to spread. It is a reckless act to silence the mountains of the mountain and stop the dositi (rain) from heaven. “Despite the same number of visitors, sales are 2.5 times.” A number compared to Singapore IR, which is a modeled Singapore IR, the business plan of an integrated resort facility (IR), which includes casinos that are invited by the city of Osaka Prefecture, are sales for 20 million visitors. Hundred billion yen. Osaka costs 520 billion yen for 20 million people. It is a number that is the basis of the plan, and in the city council on the 3rd, the Liberal Democratic Party city council was the mayor of Ichiro Matsui. Mayor Matsui responded that the IR businesses estimated based on statistical information. In Osaka, Osaka has a larger resident population and has a larger background market size. However, isn’t the size of the resident population and the market in the background, and the number of visitors is estimated? And many of the IR sales will be the losing paid by the visitors at the casino. If the number of visitors is “2.5 times, despite the same number of visitors,” wouldn’t it mean that if you do a casino in Osaka, it would be worse than Singapore? ◆ Mayor Matsui is listed. It also claims that investment and megabank loans show the reliability of business planning. However, Osaka City has invested a huge amount of public expenditure to develop Yumesima’s infrastructure. It is natural that the city will be responsibly verified. (Thursday) When the spring breeze blows, I remember the pine cones that had been rolled up at my feet. Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, he visited the coast of Rikuzentakata City, Iwate Prefecture. There is a phrase that stands for Kawayanagi writer, Chiemi Hirose, who lives in Tohoku. . A woman looked up at the pine that extended to the blue sky, and was holding her hands. It is said that the roots of “Miracle Ipponmatsu”, which had lost an irreplaceable person to live to the victims, were exhibited locally. The secret that endured the tsunami seems to be on the base of the toughness, deep and wide in the ground. On the 11th, I moved to Kioi Kiyodo in Tokyo. ◆ Ipponmatsu died the year after the earthquake, but was reborn as a symbol of reconstruction after conservation processing. A new 40,000 seedlings were planted on the local coast. Some are derived from the pine cone in the pine forest before the flow. After a long time flows, what can be seen beyond the spreading branches? (Mado Michio “Tree”). Some people may look back on the day after the disaster and look up at the sky.