Omicron Ba.5 Macau, the number of new positive people is at least 27 … 4 people in the general city, cumulative 1733 since June 18 (Macau Shimbun)

Macau, a population of about 680,000, maintained zero infections in the city of the new colona for about eight months, but since midnight on June 18, positive people have 카지노 continued for about one month. 。 (Hereafter, “6.18 outbreak”) 6.18 Outbreak, which has a very strong infectivity, has a very strong Omicron mutant group “BA.5.1” flowing into the city (unknown infection source), expanding its propagation. It is a major threat to Macau, which is considered to be done, with a very high population density per square kilometer, with more than 20,000 people. The Macau Government New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Countermeasures Center announced the latest information on June 17 on July 17 on 6.18 outbreaks. The number of people who had been positive after a PCR test for the last 24 hours until 0:00 am on the 17th (limited to the case of city infection) is 27, peaking for the first time in three days (149 on July 9). Updated the minimum. However, for the last five days, it has been stopped by around 30 people. Of the 27 people, 20 people came from isolation targets (in the local rock -down target zone and isolation quarantine hotels), and four from the general city (2 rich contacters, all citizen PCR tests and priority inspections. Two targets, 0 other people). The majority of cases from the isolation target to the discovery for nine consecutive days, and the number of positive people from the general city was one digit for the first time in three days. There are 1733 cumulative positive people since June 18. The number of people who were subject to epidemiological surveys (isolated) by 8:00 am on the 17th was 1225. The breakdown is 1733 positive people, 3249 rich contacters, 11,486 non -core hearts (present with positive), 1250 secondary contacters, and 254 general contacts. There are 776 attendants. Macau has been conducting a high frequency of comprehensive PCR tests for all citizens and quick antigen tests for all citizens, as well as additional PCR tests that focus on some of the priority areas and priority people. ing. All citizen PCR tests have been conducted four times for eight days from July 10 to 17 (7, 8, 9, 10 times since June 19), and during the period of quick antigen tests. Self -implementation is also required. Currently, the 10th inspection is underway (9:00 am on the 16th to 6:00 pm on the 17th), and 452,880 people take the test by 8:00 am on the 17th. Of these, the results of 404,748 were negative, and there were two mixed samples (one for 10 people) in which positive reactions were detected. After the fourth time in the early week of the previous week, the number of positive reaction detection of the mixed sample is declining each time. Specifically, the fourth is 94, the fifth is 41, the sixth is 23, the seventh is 17, the 8th is 13, and the ninth is nine. In addition, three new (11th, 12th, 13th, 13th) all citizen PCR tests ( + daily fast antigen tests) will be carried out from the 18th to the 23rd. Currently, local lockdowns and measures to inhibit various people have been taking measures for places where positive people have appeared (buildings and store units), but a secretary of administration has been issued to take additional special measures, and July 11th morning. From midnight to seven days, we have entered the “social relative station”. During the period, the operation of companies and business locations other than (infrastructure, fuel, food, pharmacy, etc.), which is needed for social management and citizens’ life, is required. The casino is also closed. In addition, it is based on a stay home, and when going out is limited to the purchase of living supplies and emergency requirements if it is necessary for all citizen PCR tests and operations, adults are required to wear masks above the KN95 standard. It has been announced to extend this measure for 5 days (until midnight on the 23rd).

“Bandyo” after a long absence

One week ago, I visited Ebisu, Ebisu Shrine, a nearby Ebisu Shrine.

I go to Fukusasa every year, but after 4 o’clock, there are few people.

However, in the daytime, there were no rice cakes, but many worshipers seemed to be crowded.

The Fuku doll (Okame), which had been decorated before, bowed that he had his head on a futon.

Sayuri -chan is always this pose if he notices.

I wonder if my breath is not painful …

On weekends, we have been reserved for the New Year’s 온라인바카라게임 사이트 party since last year with three good friends.

Every house went out with excitement on days when dinner was unnecessary.

Of course, a recommended store for Corona countermeasures.

My husband is from Amami, and the beautiful landlady always welcomes me in a kimono.

Here, of course, the dishes are wonderful, but the tiger of the zodiac sitting is Baccarat.

Since it is mid -January, the clause is in a small bowl.

First of all, toast, “Thank you again this year.”

“Delicious, I like the table.”

How much kumquat you entered was Miyazaki -produced kinkan, which had a cocktail before Christmas.

Gaburi and sesame tofu are also easy to drink.

Saikyo -yaki is a good taste that has a refreshing richness.

I don’t really like the simmered gori, so just one.

Fugu porridge and rice grain are clear and delicious.

If you ask that you are washing rice with running water, we use cooking.

Indeed, it was convincing, but at the last fruit, I was a stomach tan.

It used to be a gluttony, but the annual wave? I can’t eat the amount.

Age and different occupation are three.

I go to a dinner party and a petit trip that also serves as a pa roll.

“This year is a good year, thank you.”