“New store [Osaka Ramen Favorite Store]”

It will be a Sunday visit.

8/25 Open (^O^)/

● New store [Osaka ramen gorgeous house]

INSTAGRAM This is a store renewed by a ramen shop in Bentencho (Kushikatsu specialty store Kushicho] (・ ∀ ・) maybe burn. Five years after the store opened …? And?

Entering the store (^o^)/

The soup that uses clams, scallops, shijimi, etc. adds salt sauce in a well -balanced manner, has a rich richness and umami, and has a flavor of the shellfish that spreads the sweetness of vegetables ♪ I’m spicy at the end of me. Put it in a tingling ♪ Like ~ It may be said that it costs 7.5 million yen at the time of checkout (laughs)

This point (・ ∀ ・)

It seems that this shop opened in early August with a good name called [Osaka Tanmen].

However, it seems that the soup has 크레이지슬롯 been calm to this taste after that, and it seems to be reopened. (^O^)

I went to slot on Saturday and Sunday

First, Saturday. The noodle activity did from the evening, so from the morning ♪

………but. Probably set 2

Using 1000 saved medals, it was about 800 times.

So, Sunday

From the afternoon

On this day, it feels like it has a setting.

Baji is both out. Odd -like

Well, the good platform is hard to stop.

And here.

We will make a good open space.

While doing so.

Set of these seven deadly sins also set 2 and 3 denial productions

The setting of this platform was one of 1456.

It seems that it is not 1 for the time being, but it is hard to say so far.

Is the setting 4?

The ball is also gradually cut

Then, one of the good platforms is empty.


That’s here. Tekken 4

Even after I sold it, it increased almost without addictive. I have time (laughs)

After all, about 1900 copies are collected using 1000 savings medals. I saved everything.

I went to the Heihachi stage well, and I wonder if 56 is definitely.

Tekken’s high settings are irresistible. It was interesting. Tekken Chance 4 passed through, but wwww

I wonder if I will enter next weekend. I will go to the nutrient (laughs)

Dowa (*^ω^) ノ

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