Jeju’s landmark Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt Jeju

It was a hotel that I wanted to stay when it opened.

It’s a lot of titles.

1600 rooms in the highest building in Jeju

It’s a great hotel with 1 trillion won.

F & B is also a good hotel. The location is also great.

It would be nice if the department store came in, but for shopping

There are a lot of unfortunate parts.

A building with twin buildings on the 38th floor

Since there are many rooms, the road to the room along the long corridor

Carpet is also luxurious.

As soon as I enter the room, the automatic blinds go up

I admired the view.

I can see the sea far away and the outdoor pool

The rooms are spacious than the general hotels, and the windows are bigger.

There was no at all.

The airport was close, so I fell in love with the airport bruise.

There is no high building in Jeju City

The 38th floor hotel looks very high.

#Welcome Mr. Park

Magic was so large that the room was so large that it looked small but it looked small

Nespresso capsules are ready

The coffee cup was an open man.

I look at the chair I saw at the department store here

It was a chair that was quite priced, but it was very comfortable.

The bedding was so good that it was a reservation.

I am admired again in the spacious bathroom

The bathroom is very convenient because there is a separate space.

The amenity was also ready.

It was a good product, but the scent was so good.

There are two sets, so one set is home

#Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool that was not frustrating because of the high heaven

Jacuzzi was also ready.

On the right side of the picture, you can go up to the outdoor pool

There is an elevator and a life jacket for children is also available.

there is.

Really slowly climbing the elevator to the outdoor pool

It was great to provide towels and Samdasu without restrictions.

The water temperature is suitable and the really warm jacuzzi is all over the place

Sunbed is paid

Everyone left the round chair with the trees in the picture

#China house hot pot

Play the water and eat delicious dinner

Visit to China House on the 3rd floor of Jeju Dream Tower

Pepper oil and coriander peanuts are so favorite peanut sauce

It also makes sauce for children in the station to make sauce

Give me, recommend and be so kind place

I made a sauce to my taste.

I ordered a set of 2 people, so please set it up.

It was brilliant meat and shrimp ball

The ice tea included in the set was also very good.

Please pay attention from how to eat to delicate parts

Caffeine in iced tea is good for children to eat

Add potatoes to your favorite fuju and frozen tofu

I was surprised when I calculated the beef I ordered

It’s been a while since it’s been a while since

It was a grateful dinner.

The reason I had to eat dinner and swim again

The sunset was so cool that I ran out of the outdoor pool.

Is the sunset of this color really came to Bali

The sunset was as beautiful as Jeju.

I have to have a glass of draft beer, but the wind gets colder

I sat in Jacuzzi and spent time and came to the room.

The room service ordered at 11 pm 더존카지노 arrived.

Please bring the tray to the entrance due to Corona.

A special experience came to the room with the tray

It’s perfect if your nephews get a job at their uncle hotel.

I think I added breakfast while eating room service

I’d rather eat it in the room.

The price was also fine. Compared to other hotel room services.

I was able to choose the side when ordering steak

The frying is included when ordering a cheeseburger.

Mayo sauce was really delicious.

Order cheeseburgers and children’s pasta steak

The price was 74,000 won.

There was a very large casino on the second floor.

Koreans are not accessible, but the ceiling is a wonderful place

I woke up in the morning and raised my blinds, and a wonderful view is also woven.

#Grand Kitchen

I had breakfast at the Grand Kitchen on the 4th floor.

Italian restaurant on the 8th floor and a green tree that sells Korean food

It is said that you can choose.

There were so many people that I couldn’t take a picture in detail.

Egg Benedict and Chinese kinds were fine.

You can also order coffee and tea separately.

If you say the table number, you can bring it.

Even today

There are many types of breakfast, but if this is the price,

I recommend ordering breakfast with room service.

The wine I bought at a convenience store to drink last evening

I couldn’t drink.

It was nice to have a convenience store in the Dream Tower.

Before we go back to Daegu, we buy black pigs.

I tried to buy meat at Taebaeksan Main Store

It is expensive for employees, and it is difficult to supply meat to be sold.

He told me to buy at Hanaro Mart.

It’s famous for Donma Hawk these days.

Donma Hawk price was okay so I bought some packs.

It’s great to pack it up and you can courier.

It’s a plane in the afternoon, so there’s no place to go and go

I stopped by Dodubong near the airport.

Another airport and Jeju Dream Tower here

Drink a cup of mango juice and return to Daegu.

5 nights and 6 days of trip to Jeju is over

Hotels that were so satisfactory except one place in one place

I thought it would rain because of the rainy season

It wasn’t raining, so I chose the day so well

The nephews that Grand Hyatt were so good

I was so happy that I felt good.

I make good memories with my cousin family and leave Jeju.

MLB Otani. 。 Only hope

ask! Good luck ~

From about 5 years old

Swim for golf

With those people

It will be different, that is

Why go kindergarten?

I don’t understand the meaning

With a shovel

It’s fun to dig into the garden. 。


Assuming good things. 。


I often look back


Even though

Furoshiki What is it?

I have only a lot (sweat)

Elementary school graduation statements

Submission deadline

Dream for the future. 。

The guy next door

Professional baseball 핸드폰카지노 player

I wrote it the same

Dream for the future

Thing you want to do

I didn’t have it

Such a thing

When I graduated from high school

Female teacher

“If you don’t want to do it

Divide it for life. “

Yes !

For life. 。

This is pretty hard (sweat)


I have to find

I can’t do it. 。

Hobbies for work

This is the best

I like fishing

Tuna pelagic fisheries. 。 unreasonableness

What do you want to be when you get bigger?

Kamen Rider

Theatrical company?

Lesson fee is high

I want to go to the University of Tokyo!


I have a dad

If you think now. 。 let me see

Vicious real estate

I wonder if I wanted to be a guru

Mannen flat employees are already crisp

A journey to look for dreams if you look back

This is my life B


Such a thing for decades

I noticed a change

You can see the future!

You can hear God’s voice!


It hurts at work

You can see the video

“” I have to go

The evil is waiting “”

Out of nowhere

I can hear the voice of God

It’s coming.


I became a psychic

I was.

“I don’t have a hobby”

Sometimes such people

What is a hobby?

Until the furoshiki is folded

Killing time

For me

Otani, Yazawa, Fukuyama, Kuwata etc.

apart from

Ferrari? Benz?


Breaking time in life


Such a thing

It ’s enough

Even in the post -war burnt field

I was happy

That is the truth.

It rains today’s cold rain