Is the P2E game illegal?


P2E is short of Play to Earn, which means making money through gameplay. In other words, it is possible to cash the items and rewards obtained by the game with the money of reality. In recent years, interest in P2E games is increasing, and the Game Water Management Committee decides to ‘refusal to classify rating’ against Korea’s mobile P2E games or decides to cancel the classification decision for games that have already been classified. There is a bar.

So today I want to look at the illegality of the P2E game. I think it has been, and I argue that the meandering and illegality of the P2E game should be judged differently depending on the degree of coincidence inherent in the game.

Classification with the Game Water Management Committee

First of all, I think you need to know what the classification of the Game Water Management Committee and grade classification are.

The Game Water Management Committee is a corporation based on the Act on the Promotion of the Game Industry, which contains overall discipline of the game industry, and secures the ethics and publicity of the game, and prevents the trigger or promotion, protects and illegally protects and illegally It is an organization for the distribution of games. )

Those who want to distribute, produce or distribute games must be classified as a classification of the contents of the game from the self -grade classification business designated by the Game Water Management Committee or the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Those who have acted like distributing games without being classified and are subject to criminal punishment, such as 3) If they do not receive classification, they cannot actually operate a normal game, so app market for distributing game companies or games You must be classified.

On the other hand, the Game Water Management Committee has no legitimate authority or false authority, such as regulatory 바카라 and punishment special laws such as meandering acts, and other laws of laws such as the Criminal Act, or those who are subject to grades or devices subject to regulation or punishment under this Act. A person who applies for classification in other unclean ways or those who apply for classification for games that corresponds to meandering games (refusal to classify rating ).4) Also, the Game Water Management Committee When you find out that the classified game is eligible for classification, you must cancel the classification decision without delay (canceling the classification decision).

In conclusion, games that have been rejected or canceled for classification are virtually impossible to distribute.

Why is the P2E game a problem

The P2E game, as mentioned at first, means you can make money by playing the game. But why would it have been a problem to make money and make money, so I decided to reject the classification of the Game Water Management Committee (or cancel the classification decision)?

This is because of the concept of ‘mesignation’.

As we have seen earlier, the Game Water Management Committee determines whether the game has violated the criminal law and other law regulations, and decides to classify the rating. Furthermore, the game industry law is exchanged for the outcome of the tangible and intangible results (a virtual currency used in scores, prizes, and games, and similar to the prescribed by the Presidential Decree). In case of violation of the currency exchange or re -purchase, and violate this, sanctions such as closure of the relevant branch, penalties, and criminal punishment. 7) This is a game money that is included in ‘Game Money’, which is a means of betting or dividend or by chance when using it. 8).

Eventually, games that are deemed to be meandering are rejected. The Game Water Management Committee sees that the P2E game has a meandering and exchanging game money in a way of meandering.

What is the meandering?

Once the Korean dictionary, “meandering” means the nature or characteristics of hoping or aiming to get a chance. In addition, the Game Industry Act allows the Game Management Committee to confirm whether it is a meandering game for games that have applied for classification. It includes racing and casinos. 10)

Meanwhile, the Landing Regulations and Punishment Special Cases Act (Act of Meandering Act) gathered the “act of meandering” from several people and collected the benefits of property or property (hereinafter referred to as “wealth, etc.”) in accidentity methods. It is defined as a property of property or loss of property, and 11) a person who wants to operate the act of meandering is required to receive the permission of the local police commissioner.

Finally, the criminal law punishes a gambling person, and 13) gambling means to bet on dice, goal, mahjong, hwatu, and Trump with money or wealth.

In summary, the core composition requirements that make up ‘meandering’ can be summarized by ‘coincidence’ and ‘property profit’.

So is the P2E game all?

First of all, the Game Water Management Committee believes that if it is a single P2E game, it is considered to be meandering. The Game Water Management Committee includes the consideration of meandering confirmation in its own regulations, “Whether it is provided with cash or other intangible economic benefits through direct and indirect distribution processes,” the scores or game money obtained as a result of the game. (Of course, the above elements are not the only factors, but they are judging whether they are in consideration of other elements, but as a result, the Game Water Management Committee is able to exchange items through games through the game. We believe that there is a batch of P2E games.

However, it is strange to see that meandering is unconditionally recognized because of the P2E game.

Regarding the requirements of coincidence, it is not convincing to judge how much the accident element is involved in the process of cashing the user, and at least if the accident is involved at least, it is meandering.

In this regard, we will look at the so -called probability item that is often a problem with meandering.

In the case of probability -type items, it is true that the acquisition depends on coincidence. For example, if the acquisition probability is close to zero and the probability of acquisition is not disclosed, it may be a problem because there is an overly coincidence. However, for example, if there is an item that can be obtained through a certain amount of effort and a certain amount of effort, it is questionable whether it can be judged to be meandering. In the beginning, the accidental factor is inherent everywhere in our lives, so it is not convincing to claim that meandering is recognized if any accident is involved.

Considering this, the Supreme Court has determined that Lineage’s ‘Aden’ item does not correspond to the ‘game money obtained in a coincidence’ under the game industry law. It is stronger that Aden is not a game money obtained by chance, because it is stronger due to the element of the time spent in the game or the experience that is increased in the process.

Next, let’s take a look at property benefits.

Even before the P2E game emerged in earnest, it was already legally possible to obtain real benefits of proper property using the items obtained through the game. In other words, the game itself did not provide the ability to cash, but the independent market that exchanges game items (or game IDs) has already existed, and users have legally traded without sanctions, but only the game company use There was only a problem that violates the terms and conditions.

However, it is strange to interpret that the game becomes a gambling game because the P2E game has gained the benefits of reality through gameplay in the game itself. As we have seen above, even if the game method is not involved in a certain amount of chance, it is not possible to interpret it in itself, even if it is a chance to be involved in a certain amount of coincidence, and as long as it is interpreted, the game itself can be gained in the game itself. This is because it cannot be interpreted as suddenly because of providing.

Why is the Game Water Management Committee?

Perhaps the Game Management Committee regarded the act of making money through the game without a detailed legal argument. It may be a recall of the wounds of the Republic of Korea by the sea story ten years ago.

But game users form a society in the game. Outsurfs who don’t play the game don’t understand, but it’s not strange for a certain game society for worthwhile goods to be paid for a fee, and users are economically rewarded. Even in a real society, if there is a heart that people want to have it, the object is worth it, and the object is traded, and the object itself does not guarantee the value. For example, ‘gold’ is useless to eat and live in addition to making a ring. But because people want, you can exchange them with cash.

In particular, when NFT technology is applied, items value in certain games can be distributed in other games or platforms. In other words, it is not strange to include the item and game money in the game, so that they can be recognized in the bigger society, so even if the “big society” includes a real society where we live and live.


Today, the Game Water Management Committee looked at the P2E game that it would be a decision to refuse the classification or decide to cancel the classification. In conclusion, I think it is very unfair to see that it is illegal because it is a P2E game that can make money through the game, and it is very unfair. I think it is likely to be recognized as an unconstitutional disposal that violates the back and violates the principle of law reservation and comprehensive payments. And I think that the P2E game should be judged in consideration of how much accidental elements are intervened for each game.

One of the scary expressions in the judgment is ‘comprehensive judgment’. At first glance, it looks like an objective judgment, but it depends on the argument and subjectivity of the judges. The Game Water Management Committee judges the meandering of the game ‘comprehensive’, which means that the direction of the decision may vary depending on the propensity of the members of the Game Water Management Committee.

It is a natural phenomenon that the economy is formed where society is formed, and it is unfair to block this phenomenon through regulations because of its different order.

Thank you for reading long posts.

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This time, I will tell you with the title “I like Omogo”.

In the early April of 2010, the Yamato Music appears easily before the day.

This week’s incense board is as follows. (1) Aoi Mako (DX Toji), ② Meno (TS), ③ Asagi Ageha (free), ④ Rainbow (Sapporo New Casino), ⑤ KAERA (TS), ⑥ Yui Aoyama (Obu) Veterans.

Now, my strip calendar is changing.

I create a strip calendar that decides where to go to the theater this week every week. If you do not shape it firmly, you will get lost (laughs).

Famous as a rookie lover, I will check out the whole country on the strip map that the newcomer will debut in any theater, and create a specific strip calendar from there. Previously, only newcomers and their favorite dancers were marked in color. However, a new marking has recently appeared. It is ‘Usakame Family’.

The three new markings overlapped in Yamato Music at the beginning of April. Yes, three ‘Usakame Families’ of Ageha, Nihoho, and KAERA were gathering. I can’t remove it here. I want to ask for a greeting somewhere in the week.

In the end, it was the day before the day, but I came out of this.

The response was amazing.

Third, Asagi Ageha. As soon as I went to take Pola, I did it! Taro 바카라필승법 -san, came! We all talked about Taro this week. This week, I’m just a veteran, so I’m talking about Taro -san. It appears in the place. I have to talk to everyone immediately. ” In Polakome, “Wow !! It’s amazing !!! This week, three people, I was talking about Taro -san.

Immediately, Ageha was in contact with Nijo, who was in her sleeve.

Fourth Rainbow. Last week, it just celebrated its 20th anniversary in Shibuya. She first describes the apology because she could not see Shibuya. She says, “Oh! I want to give the 20th anniversary goods, but I sent my luggage. Will you come to Mikado next week? I’ll give you at that time.” She gets her special ear oyster, saying, “I should keep it enclosed because there were goods.” She is afraid.

In the OP show, she fired Moe Moe Shake for Rainbow. Looking at it, Mr. Nijo is delighted. “This is a proof of an idol. Everyone is doing it!” She asks other customers. Other customers do a moe moe shake while laughing. In particular, the familiar faces who know me are delighted. The inside of the hall starts my Moe Moe Shake all at once. It’s a great scene. My Moe Moe Shake is now becoming famous nationwide by doing this.

Both Asagi Ageha and KAERA who talked to Nijiho and KAERA have been delighted with my Moe Moe Shake since the day.

After all, the one who was the best was the fifth hand, KAERA, a good friend.

“I had been rumored to Taro before Taro came this week! I said the story I was saying. Everyone told me today! “

It was not just the dancer who was surprised. An acquaintance’s customer feels like, “Eh!

When I answered, “I have to support her because she has started the 21st year with her newcomer since this week, she has started her 20th anniversary last week.” Feeling.

If you think about it, KAERA draws a manga in my fairy tale in January this year, and to Asagi Ageha, who was together that week, said, “I’ll draw I will also draw it,” and to Mr. Ageha and Mr. Nijiho. If you show Ageha’s manga, it will be “I’ll draw you too” and it will be realized in Akio in the beginning of March.

KAERA ⇒ Asagi Ageha ⇒ A friend’s chain called Nijiho.

It is exactly the circle of the strip world.

In fact, I was showing KAERA’s manga to KAERA in the theater Ueno in March. At that time, he said, “I became a member of the Taro Family until Mr. Nijo -san.

Now I really like the great horses (laughs). I really appreciate and love the dancer who draws manga in my fairy tale. More than a newcomer.

Moreover, the fact that these great mogs support my fairy tales has a powerful impact on other dancers. In particular, it has been a huge response to drawing manga, especially for the 20th anniversary of the strip legend, Nijiho. My strip magazine concept may not be a dream.

Fortunately, everyone at this great place will draw manga again ♪

“I wonder if I will draw a manga again next week. Run ♪”

Asagi Ageha says, “I want to draw again. Can I meet GW?”

My current strip calendar is full. It’s a busy and happy scream.

April 9, 2018 at Yamato Music