Episode 16 Jeju Olle 12, 13th, and magic

Big island, which took 5 years, Jeju wheel Kim Tae -yeon

On the third day of Jeju Island, Olle 15 -gil

Jeju Jersey Gotjawal, Priesthood forest

Jeju Olle 12, 13th, and magical jersey uphill

Episode 16 Jeju Olle 12, 13th, and Magic Jersey

If you go there, there is him-Jeju Olle 12 course

Jeju Island, Jeju Olle, Cha Gui -do, Yongdangpo -gu, Shinchang Cathedral

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Early in the morning, we head to Gosan 1 -ri ‘Dangsanbong’, where you can see ‘Chaguido’ on the west side of Jeju.

Through there, he walks the ‘Dangsanbong’ of ‘Dangsanbong’ to look at the face of the island that is fascinated by ‘Dating Island’, which means a snake, to ‘Chaguido’. I can’t just leave the ‘Chawi -do’ with the pampas grass, so as soon as you get to the rod, you open a sketchbook. The place I just see is a picture and a superb view, and I feel like I feel like I’m wielding a brush.

Those who pass by the road are curious, and they talk about sketchbooks.

There are some people who have come to a group to see if the Catholic Holy Land is nearby. ‘Raw Jeong -gil’ is beautiful throughout the walk.

Passing along the cliff along the cliff along the hills, the ‘Shinchang Cathedral’ was seen after the golden wave was scattered. It is a beautiful cathedral with a white 더존카지노 -colored cathedral and a ship -shaped St.

Father Kim Dae -gun received a bride order at Macau Theological Seminary, entered the country, drifting into a storm, and temporarily stopped in Jeju Island.

At that time, the ship that testified was also on display in the yard, so I stop by.

It starts with ‘Yongsu Pogu’ and walks ‘Olle trail 13 course’.

‘Equity’ is a sad story that a woman died when her husband went to the stomach, but that the husband’s body came to mind at that time.

As you climb up the cancer, ‘Yongsu Pogu’ can be seen at a glance. I think the two cats are holding together and I think the couple reborn as a cat.

I hope you live so friendly.

This road is a way to cross the green field with the endless ‘burucks’ and ‘cabbage’ and ‘cabbage’.

Rather than emerging, there are black -brown red fields and green vegetables with comfort in front of their eyes.

In Seoul, winter is where winter is coming, and this place is a place where lives like spring grow so much.

Through the ‘water reservoir’, the birds feel the gestures and silence of the birds

Through the Marine Corps Forest Road, which was made by the Marine Corps, the field again, and the Marine Corps Forest Road.

A post office like the Oasis of the Jocheuri Youth Society appears in the place named ‘fern forest’.

It is possible to boil the water and eat coffee, and to rest the hard feet and buttocks.

After passing through the tangerine field, the grilled road like a yellow tangerine

I feel autumn in the big chair theme park of Nakcheon -ri Nine Good Village.

Jeju, which was mistaken for spring, makes me feel the autumn emotions. The empty chairs would have passed by many people, but now they are sitting only lonely. On a lonely land,

In the place where the chairs are sitting, they hear the voice of ‘waiting’.

Is life ‘waiting’?

Like his chairs …



Clouds and

Look at the sea

Jeju painting recalls ‘Kang Yo -bae’.

His painting expresses Jeju, so that such a dynamic and static expression comes out, and he thinks that his brush strokes were not basically dynamic.

But there is also a person who will choose the environment, so don’t transfer responsibility for yourself.

It is gradually climbing to the hills. The yellow tangerine field is also disappearing little by little, and it is the last highlight of the road ‘Jersey’.

There is not long time to get dark, so it goes up in a hurry.

The sweat is sweating so that the jersey parking lot appears.

As you climb the dark forest path and reach the summit, you can see ‘Kaaman Jeju’, which is open.

Even if you look around 360 degrees, I think that the mysterious and mysterious Jeju scenery can be close to the realm of God that you can’t feel without seeing it yourself.

Looking at the foot of Mt. Halla, which is hidden in the magic Jeju sea and the clouds, the lights of sparkling

It reminds me of the candles of many people.

Put that beauty in your chest and leave it as it is,

Through the darkness with the light phone light, they go down into the people of the world.

2016. 11.30


Turbojet Perry

The schedule was difficult the day before. I woke up at 6 o’clock and tried to have breakfast at Lin Hong Tea House or Lafui Noodle Shop, but I was bleeding by sleeping for 30 minutes. It was still dark when I was in a hurry from the hotel. I arrived at Sheung Wan’s Sun Tak Terminal to ride a ferry to Macau. I thought it would be perfect if I had breakfast at Lanpong UN in the terminal, but as I noticed, it was still open. I bought a ticket and worryed about motion sickness, taking out Ice Americano in Starbucks.

I boarded the turbojet ferry and fell asleep for a while. I didn’t have any worry. After completing a simple Macau entry procedure, I started the Macau schedule at 9 am.

I waited for Lisboa Hotel Shuttle Bus, but it seemed late, so I took the Galaxy Hotel shuttle bus next door. After getting off the bus, I walked further and moved to the center of the Macau Peninsula. Macau’s first impression was my first high and luxurious hotels that seemed to be a similar apartment.

Senado, which has an impressive wavy floor, has begun a full -fledged Macau Peninsula schedule.

After walking through St. Paul’s Cathedral and Jerky Street, he walked up to Camo S Park and descended.

When I came down, I went to famous places such as St. Dominique Cathedral, St. Antonio Cathedral, and St. Ogustine Square. On the Macau Peninsula, tourists were well marked with milestones all over the place, so it was good to walk. However, there was no significant inspiration because I did not know the information related to Macau properly.

When I was a bit boring, I cast my expectations on the wall of the cathedral. The passing taxi smiled and passed by.

I traveled around for three hours and finished the Macau Peninsula.


For lunch, Sena also entered the Winger Kei near the square. I wanted to eat the Porto -style menu in Macau, but I looked at the Platot Restaurant. After a slight weighting, I ordered shrimp fried rice (HK $ 60). Singapore’s two minutes next to the seat recommended a noodle menu, but I wanted to eat rice. I inhaled deliciously and moved to take the bus.

Colloan Village

From the Macau Peninsula to the southern part of Taipa Island, I moved to the bus. It was a 10,000 won bus that I often rode on my way home from Seoul. It was difficult to find the location on the bus on the bus. Fortunately, I listened to the bus guide and went to the Colloan Village-2 stop to start the Colloan Village schedule.

As soon as I arrived at Colloan Village, I entered the roadstowz cafe. Egg tarts, which were also expected, were much more delicious than Ticheong Bakery.

I walked around the small and secluded fishing village.

If you see a decent wall, take a selfie

If you 해외토토사이트 see a decent wall again, you take a selfie again

If you see a decent wall again, you can take a selfie again

When I eat pregnancy, I also meet my heartwarming husband, Nyan Gil, who keeps me next to me.

When I work, I also meet a short leg of a bridge next to me.

Coloan Village, which has the beauty of primary colors on every street, was the most satisfying place in Macau.

Even though I went around very relaxed, I took more time in the course I planned for about two hours, so I looked back to the remote place. I headed to Taipa Village.

Boys alone Hong Kong photo trip

I traveled to Hong Kong alone for five days from February 1. The photo shoot was a bit tight, so it was a bit tight schedule, but it would be nice to go to Hong Kong’s trip to Hong Kong. The flight was booked by a round trip. The plane departing from Incheon was not a problem because it departed in the morning, but the plane returned to Incheon on the last day was departed at dawn. The hotel is traveling alone, so I booked a mini hotel in Central with a reduction in weight.

2015.02.01 Sun

Hong Kong International Airport -AEL -Mini Hotel Central -Central -IFC Team Ho Wan, Apple Store -Soho Street, Mid -level Escalator -Peak Tram -Victoria Peak, Max Noodle -Peak Tram

2015.02.02 MON

Konji -Star Ferry -Beach Trail -Tsimchuyi, Peninsula Hotel, Chun King Mansion -Serenade -Star Street, Starbucks -Chuyong Apartment -Granvil Road Oblight -Nadon Road

2015.02.03 TUE

Turbojet Perry -Macau Peninsula -Wing Chiki -Coloan Village

2015.02.04 Thu

Starbucks Concept Store -Lan Pong U -Re -Pulse Bay, Repulse Bay Shopping Arcade -Stanley, Pickle Felican, Blake Dock, Murray House, Stanley Market -Star Perry -Harbor City -Canton Road, Din Taifeng -Star Ferry

2015.02.05 Fri

Tram -Wanchai, Hong Kong Convention Center, Central Plaza, Hong Kong Art Center, Blue House -Joy Hing Roast Meat -Yi Sun Milk Company -Lytak Apartment -Ikcheong Building -Causeway Bay, Hisan Place Mill -Sheung Wan, Honeymoon Dessert -AEL -Hong Kong International Airport