10 ways to enjoy Macau trip

I went on a second trip to Macau. She was sorry that she visited Hong Kong for a while while traveling to Hong Kong. I have met Macau’s real charm, not the option for a trip to Hong Kong. So while traveling to Macau, I summarized 10 memorable things.

It is a list selected according to extremely subjective standards. I hope you can travel to Macau like this.

1. Eat egg tart and eat again

Egg tarts must be tasted on Macau trip! Egg Tarts is a traditional Portuguese dessert. Born in a monastery in Portugal 200 years ago, the dessert is more popular in Macau. Egg tarts are full of egg custard cream in crispy and softly baked pies. The taste of the warm egg tart melted the fatigue of travel. It’s sad to return home without having to taste egg tarts on Macau’s trip. If you are traveling, it is recommended to taste it every day.

2. McCarnes & Portuguese food

Macau has been dominated by Portugal for over 400 years. The Portuguese who settled in Macau made Maccanizi dishes 코인카지노 in Macau with limited planting and similar to Portuguese cuisine. As Indian curry techniques began to seep to penetrate, they have a different feature from Portuguese food.

There are many different types of dishes made from bakal lau, fried shrimp, crab curry, African chicken, seafood rice, duck rice, etc. Since there are many foods that fit the taste of Koreans, it is recommended to enjoy various menus.

3. Go to a local restaurant that doesn’t speak English

Macau has a local restaurant in Hong Kong. Cha Chan -tang is a restaurant where you can eat light meals and tee with breakfast or snack time. I went to local restaurants such as milk tea top 3 restaurants and antique ice cream shops. There was no English menu or there was no conversation in English. I ordered a gesture body language. It was a bit difficult to order, but it was fun to feel the daily lives of locals. It is recommended to try restaurants that locals go to restaurants that are famous for Koreans. It will be a different experience.

4. Go to a place where you can see Macau at a glance

There are three observation decks where the city of Macau is at a glance. Montte Fortress, Kia Fortress, and Penha Cathedral. There was a reason to go up the hill, but to go up hard. Looking at the open view, it is recommended to feel the coolness.

5. View the cathedral, famous for its wedding photos,

Macau has many cathedrals. In front of the famous cathedral, I was able to meet the brides and bridesmaids who always took pictures. Unlike Korea, it was fresh to shoot with many bridesmaids. In particular, the bridegroom was a cultural shock. Because of many people, it was difficult to leave a proper picture in front of the cathedral, but it was fun to see the Macau wedding culture.

6. Walking on the World Heritage Site

There are 30 World Heritage Sites in Macau, which is about the size of Seoul. Macau’s World Heritage Sites are gathered together, so it is fun to visit alleys. There is one brown pillar in front of the World Heritage Site, so it is recommended to visit and explore brown columns.

7. Tour Cotai Scrip Hotel Tour

Kotai Strip is a street with hotels and casinos. There are many hotels from Venetian Hotels to recently opened Studio City. Hotels in this area are different from scale and scale. Inside the hotel, there are all kinds of amenities, casinos and shopping centers. If you are looking at a more colorful hotel at night, you feel like you are in another world. It is recommended to enjoy various facilities in hotels such as theme parks.

8. Enjoy the macau night view with a cocktail

What do you usually do at night when you travel? Personally, the club is burdensome and I don’t drink well, so I simply have a cocktail and prefer a place where I can enjoy the night view of the destination. So this time I went to Sky 21 in the AIA building. I used a looft top bar separated from the main bar. I spent time with cocktails and beer in a panoramic space. Looking down at the macau tower and the wide open city view, a drink that drinks is honey and the atmosphere is a bonus. There is no place to spend the night of the destination gorgeously. It is recommended to enjoy the night of deeply drinking night.

9. Leave a photo of life between exotic buildings

St. Razor District, Taipa Village, and Coloan Village are full of exotic colors. Portuguese’s mood and macau’s unique feelings are fun to take pictures with the pleasure of walking. Walk slowly on this street and leave a picture of life.

10. View The House of Dancing Water

The House of Dancing Water is a performance directed by Franco Dragon, a well -known circus. It is a huge performance with the theme of water. The actors run, roll, and fly in the fantasy background. The story was somewhat childish, but it was the best performance full of pleasure to see. Ticket prices are somewhat expensive, but I recommend you to see the fantastic stage with a thrilling and fantastic stage.

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